2010-11-18 / Local & State

Woman In Murder-Suicide Had Broken Up With Man

ERIE, Pa. (AP) – A woman posted online that she had met a new man but was conflicted about breaking up with the father of her three children just days before he shot and killed her and two of the kids before turning the gun on himself.

Jamie Malanowski, 28, posted Nov. 9 on her Facebook page that she had broken up with Brian Dacus, 29, but wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do. The Erie County coroner on Sunday identified Dacus as the shooter who on Saturday killed Malanowski and their two children, 7-yearold Trinity Dacus and 4- year-old Brianna Dacus, before killing himself. The couple’s 2-year-old son was also wounded but survived.

The bodies were found Saturday by Malanowski’s co-workers inside Dacus’ home after she took a break from work but never re- turned in this northwestern Pennsylvania city, about 25 miles east of the Ohio border.

Malanowski’s sister, Mandy, told the Erie Times- News that her sister wasn’t married to Dacus, but he was the children’s father. She confirmed Jamie Malanowski had broken off her relationship with Dacus last week.

On her Facebook page, Jamie Malanowski wrote on Nov. 9 that she had met a new man and that she had left Dacus.

“I left him on Saturday. I truly believe that he can change and want to give him that chance but now I have someone elses feelings involved and I really do like this guy and he has excepted me with the kids and wants to take care of me and give me everything,’’ she wrote.

On Nov. 10, she posted that she had a busy day ahead of her at work and she was hoping it would “keep my mind off what is going on in my life right now.’’

Her last post on the page was written the morning she was killed.

“Picking my babies up after work and going to Chucky CHeese!!,’’ she wrote. “Can’t wait to spend some time with them. Sure have been going crazy without them.’’

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