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“Why My Pappy Is A Hero”


Karlie Ward and “Pappy” Quentin Golden Karlie Ward and “Pappy” Quentin Golden

“News” received the following

essay this week written

by 12-year-old Karlie Ward

of Wa rfordsburg a bout her

Pappy, World War II veteran

Quentin Golden, 91, also

of Wa rfordsburg, a nd why

his military service makes

him a hero. Since Veterans

Day was observed last week

and coverage of that observance

is featured in this

week’s i ssue, we thought i t

was appropriate to include

Karlie’s piece. Karlie is the

daughter of Kevin and Kelly

Ward and a sixth-grader

at Southern Fulton Elementary.


By Karlie Ward

My hero is Great-Pappy Golden. Pappy doesn’t know it, but he is a hero in my eyes and in other people’s eyes as well. A hero is someone another person respects, and looks up to. Pappy is my hero for three different reasons. First, Pappy has lived through D-Day. Next, Pappy has a Purple Heart and third, Pappy didn’t see his family for years.

First, Pappy lived through D-Day. Pappy Golden lived through hardships most people never face. Pappy never took his shoes off or took a shower from May to August. Pap didn’t have the luxury of sleeping in a bed; he slept in a hole. He witnessed the death of one of his friends. Pappy won’t tell us much, but he did tell us they were the worst times of his life. Pap was very blessed on D-Day. During the first wave, many of the soldiers died. He lived to tell of the horror. Pappy always says “The Lord is always watching over me.”

Next, Pappy has a Purple Heart. A Purple Heart is an award you receive when you are injured serving your country. Pap received his Purple Heart because he was hit by shrapnel. Shrapnel is extremely hot, flying metal. Some of the shrapnel that hit Pap is still in his body today.

Third, Pappy only had communication with his family and friends by letter. Pappy even proposed to is wife in a letter! Just imagine not getting to see the one person that you love for years! He didn’t get to see his family on video chat or anything else like some modern soldiers.

In conclusion, Great Pappy Golden is overall a wonderful person. He is my hero.

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