2010-11-18 / Letters

Local Farm Bureau Condemns Farm Tragedy

To The Editor:

I am a creationist in theory and practice. The first chapter of Genesis, Verse 24, describes in brief, the “advent” of animals, over which we are to have dominion and to use for our benefit. Along with that privilege, however, (although unspoken here) comes the responsibility to care for those creatures places in our jurisdiction.

I cannot fathom the mindset of an/or individual( s) with a willful negligent and disrespectful attitude toward living creatuves. Of course, I am referring to the intentional killing of swine on a farm in the southern Fulton County area through the alleged withholding of food and water.

We in the agricultural community condem what has happened and ask that punishment be meted to those responsibile according to the existing statues.

Agriculturists understand the need to care for the harvest, whether it be crops or animals, because it is their livelihood and it becomes an essential link in the food chain.

Agricuulture is a demanding and a challenging occupation (long hours of hard work and lots of debt) as it is, and the graphic articles and pictures will only increase those challenges.

Let me encourage you to become better acquainted with appropriate and accepted “farming” practices here in southcentral PA by visiting a local ag operation, your local FFA chapters or other agencies associated with agriculture. Call and ask for a tour.
Marlin Lynch
Relations Director
Fulton Co. Farm Bureau

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