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Commissioners Sit Down With District Judges

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

Fulton County commissioners Bonnie Mellott Keefer, David Hoover II and Craig Cutchall met with two of Fulton County’s magisterial district judges this week with issues ranging from redistricting to new office furniture.

Magisterial District Judge Wendy Mellott touched very briefly on the suggested redistricting of boundaries overseen by the county’s three district judges. According to Mellott, she has been reassured by the Fulton County Court of Common Pleas Board of Judges led by President Judge Douglas Herman they would like her office to stay within the McConnellsburg Borough. The remaining two offices are currently located along Great Cove Road near Fort Littleton and in the village of Needmore.

As a result of Mellott’s announcement, the judge and the commissioners discussed the time frame for Mellott moving into the domestic relations office as well as options for her existing office. Commissioner David Hoover II expressed that he was not in favor of putting more money into fixing Mellott’s current office. Options include leasing/rental or tearing down the building.

Mellott noted her own office records take up very little space in her facility. However, criminal and civil records must be maintained for six to seven years. Additional records must be kept for approximately three years. The group also reviewed possible storage ideas for prothonotary Patty Fix.

Magisterial District Judge Devin Horne requested 10 fold-up chairs for his office as well as a canister-style vacuum cleaner. Horne physically displayed one of the chairs kept in his waiting area to show the commissioners the condition of his furniture. One chair, he said, recently collapsed beneath an individual visiting his office, causing him to revisit the idea of new chairs.

Horne said he would be willing to accept new or used chairs and a vacuum cleaner as his current vacuum is no longer functioning.

County project developer Karen Hann reported that P & W Excavating will begin paving Thursday at the Hustontown Joint Sewage Authority. The commissioners and the company signed a waiver in conjunction with the project. Hann added the expansion of parking at the Fulton County Food Basket will be completed in the same time frame.

Hann went on to discuss the 2011 application process for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). The project developer noted on November 27 the county will be conducting a public meeting in order for organizations to pick up applications and review their proposed projects. Among those who could possibly be eligible for funding are the Food Basket, McConnellsburg Borough, CareerLink, the county senior citizen centers and Christian Social Services.

Following an executive session with Jean Snyder, human services administrator, the commissioners entered into a service contract with Deboraha Pheil, who provides consulting services to Services for Children. The one-year $39,000 contract continuance with Pheil will begin effective January 1. Snyder described Pheil’s service to her office as being “invaluable.”

The county Safety Committee heard from insurance company representative Robert Snyder II that the county has not had any PCorp claims since their last meeting in September. Furthermore, the lone PComp claim submitted, related to a slip and fall, did not include any medical expenses.

Judge Herman and Chief Probation Officer Daniel Miller met with the commissioners regarding the limited amount of seating available in the courthouse for jury selection; the monitoring of Day Reporting Center costs; filling a vacant probation officer position; and compensation for court reporters.

The commissioners signed a one-year contract with Dynatech, which will be responsible for the maintenance of county generators retroactive to November 3. The company will provide the services for a rate of $1,074.

In addition, an agreement for temporary secretarial services was penned with District Attorney Travis L. Kendall. The contract began retroactive to October 1 and will conclude on December 31. It further stipulates service hours may not exceed 20 per week at an hourly rate of $11.15

Last Tuesday morning, the commissioners hired Cara Barnes as a caseworker 2 with Services For Children. Barnes’ employment will be effective November 15.

Vince Joyce, EMA/911 coordinator, presented the commissioners with a preliminary contract for Cumberland County to continue receiving and dispatching 911 calls. The commissioners agreed to pass the contract on to county solicitor Stanley Kerlin for further review.

County developer Hann updated the commissioners on the handicapped accessibility upgrades at the Hustontown Joint Sewage Authority, the Burnt Cabins sewage project and HVAC installation and interior renovations at the Fulton County Food Basket.

The commissioners purchased a bottom freezer refrigerator unit from Ott Brothers in Mc- Connellsburg for the Fulton County Food Basket nutritional awareness program. The unit was purchased at a price of $1,037 with CDBG money.

Attorney James Schall appeared last Tuesday to discuss the administration of the Clean and Green program. The commissioners announced they are not planning to make any changes to the current practices at this time.

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