2010-11-11 / Letters

Days Gone By: A Gift To The Community

To The Editor:

I have been a subscriber to the “News” for 40 years and for 40 years have watched Scott Hann of near Webster Mills walk to town, visit friends and participate in the life of his community. Last week in the 80 years ago column Scott Hann died. He was, according to the “News,” the last living veteran in Great Cove of the Civil War. I feel as if I have lost a friend.

“From Days Gone By” is akin to community glue. It binds generations together and helps to perpetuate a sense of community. Scott Hann died 18 years before I was born yet has been a companion of mine for 40 years.

I would like to thank the “News” for this gift to the community and ask if perhaps it could be expanded to cover 100 years: I would just as soon not bid Mr Hann goodbye just yet.

Charles Gobin former county


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