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Council Names New EIT Collector

Conducts other routine business

In addition to passing a proposed 2011 budget (see story in this week’s “News”), McConnellsburg Borough Council also adopted a resolution naming a new local wage tax collector at its regular meeting last Wednesday evening.

In keeping with other municipalities and school districts within the county, the council adopted Resolution No. 7 designating Capital Tax Collection Bureau of Harrisburg as the collection agency that will collect all wage taxes beginning January 1, 2011.

Under Act 32, by 2012, all counties in the state must identify one tax-collecting entity per county that will collect all earned income taxes. Prior to this legislative action, taxes were being collected locally by both Berkheimer Associates and JP Harris Associates. The move to one collection agency will now mean that only one local tax return will have to be prepared for Capital Tax.

Also during new business, council voted to pay U.S. Municipal Supply $3,434 for a new cinder spreader. The payment will be made with liquid fuel funds. Council voted to pay Boyer & Ritter $1,784 for the 2009 financial audit of the police pension fund. That payment will be made from the police pension fund.

In a related matter, council agreed to appoint a police pension fund committee to oversee police pension funds in response to a finding by the state. Borough secretary Jack Fields, Mayor Mike Chilcote, council President Travis Bard and Councilwoman Pat Frazier will serve on the committee.

Council agreed to pay $216 in dues to the Pa. Association of Boroughs and to pay an additional $90 to receive the state association’s monthly publication.

Council agreed to retain P&W and TMS Excavating for snow removal at no cost increase over last year’s.

Fields was instructed to send a letter to Tri-State Community Health Center in support of its five-year federal grant renewal process with the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

Regular business

During regular business, council voted to pay October bills in the amount of $155,941.78. Receipts for the same period were $171,246.59. Checks were written for $176,874.49, leaving a November 1 balance of $48,217.69.

Council members present included Travis Bard, Mack Shaffer, Rick Buterbaugh, Pat Frazier, David Washabaugh and Mayor Mike Chilcote.

Council meets the first Wednesday of each month at the Fulton House at 7:30 p.m. The next regular meeting is scheduled for December 1, 2010.

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