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Arson Remains Under Investigation

Trailers lost in blaze
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

An fire that destroyed two trailers and some surrounding woodland remains under investigation by a Pennsylvania State Police fire marshal.

Firefighters from the Needmore Volunteer Fire Co. received notice at 3:40 p.m. about a possible woods fire on Monday, November 1. Company Chief J.R. Sigel told the “News” the fire was originally spotted by an airplane pilot, who called back to Hagerstown with the location of the blaze as being northwest of Hancock, Md., possibly in the area of Chaneysville, Bedford County.

According to Sigel, a brush truck and crew were sent to the top of Flickerville Mountain to see if smoke could be observed. With no sign of the fire, the firefighters returned to the firehall where they received an incoming call from Mc- Connellsburg Volunteer Fire Co. Chief Larry “Pete” Lynch, who had knowledge of a woodland blaze under way in Thompson Township.

Sigel stated that upon arriving at the scene near the intersection of Timber Ridge and Everetts Road firefighters found the charred remains of two trailers and a fire working its way through 15 to 20 acres of surrounding forest. The fire chief added one trailer was cold and barely had any smoke coiling from its remains when it was discovered, which indicated the fire had started hours earlier. The owner of the trailers is Dorothy Rohm of Sawmill Road, Warfordsburg.

Fire companies from Needmore, McConnellsburg and Hancock worked to extinguish the woods blaze, with Needmore being unable to return to service for nearly four hours.

Fire Marshal M.B. Gordon of the McConnellsburg state police barracks responded to the scene last Tuesday morning and launched an investigation into the suspicious nature of the blaze. Unable to comment on some issues due to the investigation being ongoing, Gordon did confirm that the fire was intentional.

The total value of the two trailers has been estimated at $1,000 in investigation reports.

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