2010-11-04 / From Days Gone By


This week's Memory Jogger, a family photo, was taken in May 1893 in Fulton County on the farm adjoining the Vallance schoolhouse, located in Licking Creek Township on Breezy Point Road. It was purchased by the Fulton County Historical Society from Anthony Hollenshead at Fulton Antiques because of the careful identification written on the photo’s reverse side. Seated on chairs are: Mary Jane Scott Wolf, Samuel Ewing, Lewis Miller, Henry W. Scott, William Ewing, Susan Ewing and Hugh W. Ewing. Standing are Henry Wolf, Katherine Ewing, Miss Jennie Ewing, Mrs. Lewis Miller, Miss Mary Ewing, Mrs. Henry W. Scott, John Ewing, F.E.W. Scott (teacher), Samuel H.W. Scott, Osian C. Cooper and Mrs. Hugh W. Scott Ewing. This week's Memory Jogger, a family photo, was taken in May 1893 in Fulton County on the farm adjoining the Vallance schoolhouse, located in Licking Creek Township on Breezy Point Road. It was purchased by the Fulton County Historical Society from Anthony Hollenshead at Fulton Antiques because of the careful identification written on the photo’s reverse side. Seated on chairs are: Mary Jane Scott Wolf, Samuel Ewing, Lewis Miller, Henry W. Scott, William Ewing, Susan Ewing and Hugh W. Ewing. Standing are Henry Wolf, Katherine Ewing, Miss Jennie Ewing, Mrs. Lewis Miller, Miss Mary Ewing, Mrs. Henry W. Scott, John Ewing, F.E.W. Scott (teacher), Samuel H.W. Scott, Osian C. Cooper and Mrs. Hugh W. Scott Ewing. 20 Years Ago

From The Files Of November 1, 1990

A Warfordsburg area man died last Saturday, October 27, hours after apparently being shot in mistake for a turkey along a powerline cut off Route 655 in Thompson Township. Roger Barnhart, 39, Warfordsburg, was pronounced dead at Washington County Hospital as a result of the gunshot wound he received in the accidental shooting which occurred just before noontime that day. He apparently was sitting up on the powerline cut late Saturday morning when he was struck in the right arm and right chest area by a shot fired from a .270 rifle by a hunter down near the roadway. The identity of the hunter who mistakenly fired thinking he was firing at a turkey is being withheld by game officials pending further investigation.

Mikeal Fix, 25, Hustontown, was named Hustontown Fire Co.’s Fireman of the Year at the company’s banquet held last Friday evening. More than 200 members and their guests attended the banquet. It was a bittersweet evening as members praised their outstanding firemen and paid homage to three of their comrades who perished while cleaning a well on May 1. James Chestnut Jr., Thomas Lane and Richard Hershey died after being overcome by fumes while down in the well on a company work detail.

Attorney Merrill W. Kerlin of McConnellsburg was recognized with the first-ever Fulton County Distinguished Republican Award at the Fulton County Republican Party’s annual dinner held October 27 at the McConnellsburg Firehall.

Two members of a Warfordsburg family were killed when the vehicle in which they were riding was struck head on by a pickup truck along a Belfast Township road October 26. Police said that Vivian Pawlak and her son, Thomas Pawlak, were riding in a Dodge being towed by a chain attached to a pickup truck driven by her husband.

McConnellsburg United Presbyterian Church will celebrate 200 years of corporate worship, fellowship and service throughout the weekend of November 3 and 4.

Deaths: Vivian Pawlak, Warfordsburg; Thomas Pawlak, Warfordsburg; Roger Barnhart, Warfordsburg; Carolyn Shoemaker, Hancock; C. Pauline Mearkle, Breezewood; Leona Sechrist, Camp Hill; Robert Knepper, Three Springs; I. Lloyd Fleming, Hustontown; David Conner, Everett; Alphia Hartman, Lewisberry; Benjamin Neil, Fort Littleton.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Danny Berry of Harrisonville on October 20; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Strait of Harrisonville on October 22.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Walters of Crystal Spring observed their 57th wedding anniversary on October 28 at their home in Crystal Spring.

30 Years Ago

From The Files Of October 30, 1980

A modest frame home in Buck Valley, into which the Ed Hixon family had only recently moved, was damaged almost beyond repair and lost all its possessions. The Needmore Fire Co. was called on Sunday night to the fire which began with a chimney fire from a wood stove in the kitchen. The fire quickly spread and the Hancock and Clear Spring fire companies were called to assist.

Howard Sipes, Harrisonville undertaker, is a patient in the Washington County Hospital with a mangled index finger on his right hand. He was operating a corn picker at his farm last Thursday when he caught his finger in the machine.

Specials at the IGA: large red ripe tomatoes, 59 cents lb.; chuck roast, $1.39 lb.; Cheerios, $1.19, 15 ozs.; clorox 59 cents, 1/2 gallon.

Now playing at the Reality Theatre, Robertsdale: “Blue Lagoon.” Playing at the Fulton Theatre: “Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie.”

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Vink of Mercersburg on October 19; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Fazenbaugh of Breezewood on October 20; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Garland Large of Warfordsburg on October 22.

Marriage licenses: Darryl E. Heckman, McConnellsburg, and Marjorie J. Chaney, McConnellsburg; James R. Gress and Kimberly K. Souders, both of McConnellsburg; James L. Thompson, McConnellsburg, and Susan L. Long, Wells Tannery.

Deaths: Mrs. Cecyl Shimer, McConnellsburg; Ronald N. Sipes, McConnellsburg; Alvin A. Spade, Everett; Mrs. Sara Kain, York; Frank F. Fleming, Shade Gap; Melvin Nonemaker, Three Springs; Charles Mills, Hancock.

40 Years Ago

From The Files Of November 12, 1970

Richard Miller and Blair Daniels, local gospel singing mailmen, wish to announce the release of their newest gospel record album entitled “Songs We Love.”

The bodies of two 19-year-old girls were discovered last Wednesday morning dumped over an embankment along Interstate Route 70, one mile west of Warfordsburg. Except for identifying the bodies, police have been unable to discover any clues as to why, when or where the girls were murdered, although city police in both Washington and New York have been cooperating with Pennsylvania State Police in the investigation. The girls were from Queens, N.Y. Both were students at Queensboro Community College, studying to be nurses. Both had been shot.

The Open Door United Church Center will officially open its doors on Main Street in McConnellsburg this Friday evening between the hours of six and nine o’clock.

The eighth traffic fatality in Fulton County for this year happened on Friday on Route 70, two miles west of Warfordsburg. The victim of the fatal crash was identified as Robert M. Repp Jr. of Pittsburgh. Repp was a passenger in a Volkswagon driven by his wife, Mary Repp, which was eastbound on Route 70.

Henry Hann, a guest at Menno Haven, will celebrate his 90th birthday on November 21.

Pictured in this issue is the Central Fulton junior varsity soccer team which closed the season with an almost perfect record, having won five out of six games, losing only the last game of the season to Fairfield.

Engagement: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cook of Mercersburg announce the engagement of their daughter, Victoria Lee, to Samuel A. Metz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Metz, McConnellsburg.

Death: Mrs. Faymie Reed, Riddlesburg.

Mr. and Mrs. Carter Bard wish to announce the birth of a daughter, Angela Renee, on October 13. Mrs. Bard is the former Marie Peck. Mr. Bard is now stationed in Iceland where he is serving with the United States Navy. His wife and family plan to join him soon.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kerlin of McConnellsburg on November 2; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Clemente Ciampa of Hustontown on November 4; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Divebliss of Warfordsburg on November 4.

50 Years Ago

From The Files Of November 17, 1960

 E. Ray Deshong, 67-year-old Mercersburg area farmer, died on November 10 of injuries received on October 12 when he was knocked down by a hog he was trying to separate from several others in a field near his home. He suffered an injury of the lower back with compression of the spinal cord. He was a native of Fulton County.

At the recent annual convention of township officers of Fulton County, Calvin Beatty was elected president, Edward McCray, vice president; J. Pierce Gordon, secretary-treasurer; and Bernard C. Barton his assistant. A report was given on the various roads the county which are impassable.

Charles Walker, Earl Gordon and Gerald Biggs represented Fulton County at the 10th annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Farmers Association in Reading on November 9.

The two local banks report an all-time high in the amounts mailed last week to Christmas Club members. The First National Club amounted to $31,000 and The Fulton County National Bank, $30,000.

Marriage licenses were applied for at the local courthouse last week by James R. Snyder, McConnellsburg, and Alice Jean Truax, Warfordsburg; Charles T. Ramsey and Sarah Mildred Mellott, both of Dry Run; Ray S. Koontz and Faye Welsh, both of Harrisonville; Charles E. Sturtzman and Nancy C. Garlictz, both of Cumberland, Md.

Richard Decker, a student at Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Iowa, will celebrate his 24th birthday on Thanksgiving Day.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Sloan sailed from Philadelphia last Tuesday on a cruise to Bermuda and Nassau.

The Aurora Borealis, or northern lights, were visible with extraordinary brilliance at about 1:00 a.m. Sunday. The undulating deep crimson glow in the sky caused some concern to those unfamiliar with this phenomenom.

A letter to the editor in this issue explains a move being made by the Fulton Chamber of Commerce and a committee of local businessmen to do something about hazardous road conditions on Route 30 from Breezewood to Fort Loudon resulting in runaway truck incidents. Representative Marl Garlock is quoted as having introduced a bill in the House of Representatives requesting that a tunnel be built from Fort Loudon to McConnellsburg as a solution to much of the danger. The committee will be meeting with the state secretary of highways this month.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Norman Mellott, McConnellsburg, on November 7; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Younker, Hancock, on November 9; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Dean Montague, Neelyton, on November 9; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Russell Gordon, McConnellsburg, on November 9; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sweeney, Mercersburg, on November 10; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Woy, McConnellsburg, on November 12.

Mrs. Lilia Younker, Warfordsburg, celebrated her 92nd birthday on October 26. As a charter member of the WSCC and bedfast, two or three of her fellow members visited her each day of that week.

A letter from the Department of Highways in this issue emphatically denies the accusation made by the Republican Party of trying to sabotage the party’s rally by closing off the street. “The fact that we unintentionally caused the Republicans of this county to walk a few extra steps to get to their ‘big meeting’ disturbs us very much. We extend our apologies,” and the letter goes on to explain that the project was late being worked on due to a delay in blacktop being delivered.

Deaths: Miss Kate A. Sheetz, Chambersburg, formerly of McConnellsburg; Harold C. Drury, 62, Mercersburg.

Dio Chamberlin is the new principal at Green Hill School.

60 Years Ago

From The Files Of November 16, 1950

Mrs. J.W. Humphreys Jr. has returned to her home at Warfordsburg after undergoing an operation last week at Waynesboro Hospital.

Pvt. Clarence Reed Cutchall has completed his basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas and is now stationed at Lowry Air Force Base in Colorado.

Announcement has been made of the engagement of Wanda L. Mellott to Frederick H. McCammon.

The former partnership of Ross and Frank Ott has been dissolved and a new partnership of Ott Bros. Farm Supply will be formed, composed of Ross Ott and his two sons, Paul and Richard.

Marcus Downes of Burnt Cabins bagged a large moose in northern Quebec last week. The animal weighed 1,200 pounds and had an exceptionally large rack – 60 inches from tip to tip.

Blue Barron, considered by many local people as the “best” orchestra, will return to the local Legion next Monday night.

Birth: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Souders of Knobsville on November 9.

Announcement has been made of the engagement of Frances N. Rhodes to Wilson C. Barthalow.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Henry moved recently from Hustontown to Boswell where he has employment.

Born: a daughter, Patricia Kay, to Mr. and Mrs. Leo Foreman of Laidig on November 4.

Deaths: Mrs. Cyrus F. Wagner of near McConnellsburg; Mrs. Ada Crouse Cline of Chambersburg; Mrs. Fannie J. Hartman of Mount Union.

70 Years Ago

From The Files Of November 14, 1940

Deaths: Mary Elise Wagner of Chambersburg; S.G. Lashley of McConnellsburg; William Henry Thomas of Ayr Township; Mrs. Minnie Mayne Buckley of North Hollywood, Calif.; Rev. J.K. Knisely of St. Petersburg, Fla.

The latest enlistments of Fulton County young men in the U.S. Army include Wesley M. Schooley, Reginald S. Allen, George H. Miles, Raymond R. Mellott, Harry O. Cooper, Jonas E. Hartman, James H. Bell, Benjamin C. Mullinix, John J. Ostra, Bruce A. Hauman, James J. Hewett and Milford R. Brady.

Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Clevenger of Wilkinsburg were feted at a wild turkey dinner on Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M.H. Clevenger, the occasion being their first wedding anniversary.

Clair Wible, young son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wible of McConnellsburg, was seriously injured last Wednesday evening when he was thrown from a pony which he was riding near his home. Hospital authorities as yet have been unable to definitely determine his exact injuries.

The Robert Schumnn Music Club met at the home of Mrs. James C. Anderson on Saturday afternoon in observance of the 80th birthday of Ignace Jan Paderewski, the great Polish artist and pianist. Members of the club taking part in the program were: Paul Ott, Betty Lea Washabaugh, Dorothy Shimer, Julia Grissinger, Nancy Glazier, Jo Ann Clark, Calvin Glazier, John Mentzer, Ellen Lee Welsh and Janet and Helen Cline.

Recent births: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lininger of McConnellsburg on November 11; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Anton R. Von Berg of Big Cove Tannery on November 1; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zdrosky of McConnellsburg on November 10; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Lemuel R. Hill of Mc- Connellsburg on November 9; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Sipes of McConnellsburg on November 7; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Pine of Big Cove Tannery on November 1.

Parking meters in McConnellsburg yielded $36.76 during the fourth week of operation as compared to $46.20 for the third week. Total collections to date amount to $142.05.

The junior class of the local high school will sponsor a chicken supper on November 16. All-you-can-eat for 40 cents.

Mrs. Henry Crouse of Lemasters has been spending the past week in the home of her daughter, Mrs. Foster Cisney, helping to take care of her mother, Mrs. Louisa Kerlin, who has been ill.

Miss Ruth Woodall entertained a group of friends in honor of her mother’s birthday at their home on Lincoln Way last Wednesday evening.

Joseph S. Shelly went to Huntingdon on Friday and was accompanied home on Saturday by his wife and 5- week-old daughter,Carole Ann. This was the baby’s first appearance here.

Herbert Zilch, who is employed by Fort Meade, Md., spent the weekend with his family at Fort Littleton.

Edwin Deshong of Harrisonville suffered a severe cut above the right eye last week while working about the farm.

William Bishop has rented Shady Brook Camp from Squire A.G. Deshong.

Buhl and Veryl Black, who are employed at Indiantown Gap, spent the weekend at their homes at Center.

80 Years Ago

From The Files of November 13, 1930

Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Trogler of Haines City, Fla., have been informed by officials in Washington that the remains of their son, Cpl. Lewis Harold Trogler, U.S. Marine Corps, have been disinterred and are in Nicaragua, awaiting shipment to the states for burial in Arlington National Cemetery. His mother is the former Linna A. Deshong of Pleasant Ridge.

Deaths: Howard M. Satterfield of Six Mile Run; Howard Hill of Warfordsburg.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Ramsey of Fort Littleton are the proud parents of a baby girl, born on November 1.

Mrs. Alvin Sipes was splitting wood on Monday when her axe became caught. In getting it loose, it struck her on the head, inflicting a nasty gash about two inches long.

The village of Clear Ridge was almost wiped out of existence on Saturday afternoon when fire, which is supposed to have been started from a cigarette thrown into an outbuilding, totally destroyed six dwelling houses, two general stores, the post office located in one of the stores, two workshops and three other buildings and badly damaged a seventh dwelling. Every building on the southside of the street was completely burned, only three homes in the village escaping. Most of the residents were away when the fire started, some attending a sale at Hustontown, others out hunting. It is reported that only one man was in the town when the fire started. The Mercersburg Fire Co. responded in a wonderful manner, running their engine over the mountain, a distance of more than 30 miles, in less than an hour. With the use of chemicals, they confined the blaze but were unable to extinguish it. Total loss will probably run to about $30,000. One of the sad sidelights of the tragic fire was that Brady Fleming and wife had buried their only daughter, Mrs. Joseph S. Strait, only three days before their home was damaged and made unfit for residence. One of the kindly acts brought forth was that Hon. L.W. Seylar of Mc- Connellsburg loaded his truck with food and took it to Clear Ridge to feed those who fought the fire and those who lost their homes. The people of Clear Ridge, although hard hit, made up a cash donation for the firemen from Mercersburg. The firemen, however, immediately returned the money as the first contribution to a relief fund.

DeKalb Metzler and Evelyn Anderson were wed October 30.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Glazier announce the birth of a son in Chambersburg Hospital.

Mrs. William Schooley of Needmore is very ill at this time.

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