2010-10-28 / Local & State

PennDOT Withdraws Bill To Woman

PITTSBURGH (AP) – PennDOT has withdrawn a $2,500 bill sent to an Illinois woman for a guardrail that was damaged in a western PA crash that caused her to lose part of her leg.Officials made the decision after the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Marzena Mulawka was questioning the bill relating to the crash on Int. 80 in January.

PennDOT spokesman Rich Kirkpatrick told the newspaper the agency didn’t have the “full story’’ when it sent out the bill and the decision was made to withdraw the bill after PennDOT got more information.

Mulawka says a tractortrailer struck her car as she was driving on I-80. She’s currently undergoing physical therapy in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

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