2010-10-28 / Local & State

Inquirer Picks Democrats For U.S. Senate, Governor

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – The Philadelphia Inquirer is endorsing Democrats in Pennsylvania’s top two races, Joe Sestak for U.S. Senate and Dan Onorato for governor.

The Inquirer said in editorials for Sunday’s editions that both would be better choices than Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Pat Toomey and GOP gubernatorial nominee Tom Corbett.

The paper praised Sestak for ideas promoting clean energy and providing small businesses with incentives to create jobs. It called Toomey, a former investment banker and restaurant owner, more conservative than former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum and said Sestak’s views would be more in line with those of most residents of the commonwealth.

The Inquirer also cited Sestak’s support for the health care reform bill and said the 31-year Navy veteran “understands more than most lawmakers where to find waste in the Department of Defense.’’

The paper said Onorato, the elected executive of Allegheny County, “has confronted budget deficits and demonstrated an ability to reform and shrink a bloated bureaucracy.’’ It said Corbett, the state attorney general, “has failed to make a compelling case to be governor.’’

The Inquirer said one of the key differences between the two was the issue of taxing Marcellus Shale gas drillers. The paper said Corbett opposes the idea while Onorato supports it, “but the state needs the revenue, and the drillers should pay for the resource they are taking from the ground.’’

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