2010-10-21 / Local & State

Animal Welfare Group Meets


Brought together by a concern for stray, abused and neglected animals, a group of concerned Fulton County residents met for the second time on Monday, October 10. The group discussed goals and options that are currently available to the county and ways to further develop resources to make it easier for concerned people to report abuse, rescue strays and get help in their effort to assist animals in need. Committees have begun to form to address the following issues: fundraising in support of the cruelty/neglect services by the current Humane Society enforcement officer; education and awareness through community events; thrift store volunteers; networks for aiding with lost/abandoned pets and fostering; shelter volunteers; and research/development planning to establish a nonprofit shelter with an enforcement officer in Fulton County.

Over the next few meetings, various groups will be invited to speak in an effort to determine the best way to establish resources here in Fulton County and further assist those groups that are presently aiding the cause to help animals. Hopefully representatives from several area shelters, state police, dog warden, etc. will agree to participate. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, 6:30 p.m., November 1 at St. Stephen's Catholic Church. Anyone who is concerned about animal welfare is invited to attend.

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