2010-10-21 / Letters

Vote Wisely To Protect Social Security

To the Editor:

In the election coming up November 2, some of the candidates think Social Security should be privatized. They say things about Social Security that are not true in an attempt to scare us into agreeing with them. The truth is ... the current Social Security program is solvent, and will remain so for decades, long enough for everyone old enough to read this to retire with dignity. Removing the “cap” on contributions by people making more than $100,000, thus making them pay their fair share, would make Social Security solvent for centuries!

To change this system to one run by “privatized” investment firms would lead to its early destruction and make billions for the already rich at the expense of the ordinary people. Please, choose wisely when you vote! Joe Sestak and Tom Conners will fight to protect your Social Security benefits.

Jack Hendricks McConnellsburg, Pa.

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