2010-10-21 / Letters

Urges Democratic Vote For Gov./Lt. Gov.

To the Editor

Dan Onorato, candidate for governor, and Scott Conklin, candidate for lieutenant governor, can provide Pennsylvania with new jobs, protect seniors from skyrocketing property taxes, reform government and bring fiscal discipline to the state. They have the experience to make it happen.

As an Allegheny County executive, Dan brought the highest rate of job growth in the country to the Pittsburgh region. Dan supports tax credits to create new jobs.

Dan Onorato is not a Harrisburg insider. He will enact legislative term limits, reduce the size of the Legislature and curb the power of special interests. He will eliminaate the $200 million slush fund and the “walking around money,” making full public disclosure to how taxpayer dollars are spent.

Dan will fight against unfair property tax, reassessment that could drive older adults and other residents from their homes. He will support caregivers who help meet the needs of seniors in their homes.

Scott Conklin, as lieutenant governor, will support Dan’s programs with his savvy and experience in state government. He has special abilities and insights into the protection of the people and countryside of Pennsylvania against the powerful industries like oil, gas, Wall Street banks and healthcare moguls.

I urge youy to vote for the Dan Onorato/Scott Conklin ticket for the future of Pennsylvania.

Will Ford McConnellsburg, Pa.

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