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Defend 2nd Amendment Rights Nov. 2

To The Editor:

Hunters! Sportsmen! Firearms Enthusiasts! We are all members of a substantial group of people who believe that our shooting sport of choice is in one way or the other a good thing. And we would all feel some degree of loss if that sport was banned and our guns were taken away. For example, try to imagine life in this part of the country with no hunting. There are now no more x-card shoots or, any use for gun clubs. Above all, no one is allowed to own or keep any firearm unless some politician grants his royal permission to you, his most humble and unworthy servant.

Our problem in this case is that we are thoroughly convinced that it can’t and won’t happen here. This is America! The right to keep and bear is in the Constitution! All this is protected by law! Right? The problem with that is most politicians are lawyers who are interested primarily in keeping their jobs. Personal agendas are a very close second. For some, when they swore to uphold the Constitution the day they took that job, it was merely a formality to be ignored. If they actually believe (as a lot of them do) that the Second Amendment must be watered down or abolished to suit their own agenda, they are going to try to do just that. The Second Amendment is a law. They are lawyers. They’ll find a way to change the law, if we allow it. Keep in mind that even if you are not a fan of our rights under the Second Amendment, once they’ve managed to abolish those, the rest of our rights as American citizens are probably not that far behind.

There is little doubt that the Second is considered to represent no less than a key core value by both camps; a battle flag, so to speak. It is not that we on this side of the issue see ourselves as a “force to be reckoned with” if things ever deteriorated to the point of some sort of confrontation with the government. That really is just plain silly. Nevertheless, if the opposition eventually captures that flag, they will certainly have scored another major victory against those core values. Trampling the rest of our flags into the mud would be easy.

November 2 is our chance to tell those politicians who even lean in that direction, that their application for the job is hereby rejected. It is also our chance to tell those who remain, that the days of ignoring and subverting the will of the people and the Constitution are gone. The sleeping dog is awake, angry and it does indeed have teeth.

Bill Watson Hustontown

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