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Sheffield Named Deputy To Cmdr. At Letterkenny


Mark Sheffield Mark Sheffield After seven months of a vacant senior leadership position, an announcement was made to the workforce at Letterkenny Army Depot (LEAD) last Tuesday afternoon that former Chief of Staff Mark Sheffield had been selected by Col. Cheri A. Provancha to become her right-hand man. Sheffield will assume the position as Letterkenny deputy to the commander, which is the highest-ranking civilian position on depot.

After Dr. John Gray retired as deputy to the commander of Letterkenny in February of this year, the position was opened and posted for applications. Col. Provancha, along with a committee of individuals from higher headquarters, reviewed applicants’ resumes and interviewed the qualifying individuals. Those pursing the position endured a competitive selection process that began with 192 candidates and was narrowed down to 30 and then eight and finally to two.

Since assuming command at the depot in September 2009, Col. Provancha has worked closely with Sheffield. When the position became vacant in February, Sheffield temporarily stepped in to fill the void and functioned as the “acting deputy to the commander.”

“Mark possess the strategic vision we need to get us through these trying times of workload reduction all while bringing a muchneeded focus on our workforce,” Provancha said.

Sheffield entered his most recent position as the chief of staff at LEAD in July of 2006. In this position, he functioned as the LEAD ombudsman with the responsibility to receive and act on inquires and complaints concerning the depot raised by industry, the private sector and international, national, state and local government sources. As the personal representative of the LEAD commander, he provided information to those individuals or companies that inquired about or expressed interest in conducting business with LEAD.

Sheffield’s leadership skills became evident early on in his career at the depot. In 1995 he formed a multifunctional team to establish a depot-wide quality management system compliant with the requirements of ISO 9000 and the Army’s Contractors Performance Certification Program (CP2). This project successfully transitioned LEAD’s quality system from defect detection to defect prevention with a concentration on continuous improvement. His initiative paved the way for LEAD to become the first Army depot certified to the CP2 criteria.

During his tenure, he has served in many capacities and worn many hats. Hired in 1981 as a WG-08, electronics worker repairing HAWK radar cabinets, he eventually was assigned to the gas mask operations during the Iran-Iraq war. He also held many positions in the Directorate of Product Assurance and finally, from 1999 until 2003, he functioned as the director of product assurance.

In 2003 he assumed the role as the chief of the transformation office. For three years he was tasked to help create new business development, partnerships with industry, additional workload and integrated logistics planning. He initiated the implementation of Lean manufacturing and conducted strategic planning.

He is also a member of the Letterkenny Industrial Development Authority. Prior to entering federal employment, Sheffield served six years as an Avionics Instrument and Guidance Control Systems specialist in the United States Air Force. He continued his military career as a member of the Air National Guard and retired in 1999 with 25 years of service. In 1991, he was selected out of 102,000 candidates as the Air National Guard’s Outstanding Airman of the Year.

Lettereknny continues to add new missions like the Route Clearing Vehicle Program and has maintained a steady employment rate for the last five years. Though the mission continues to change, the workforce continues to meet each new challenge efficiently and effectively.

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