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Dems Prep For Midterm Election

Fall dinner features Conklin, Conners and Sestak aide
By Jean Snyder

Tom Conners Tom Conners State Rep. Scott Conklin (D- 77) rallied the local Democratic base Saturday evening when he outlined the differences between gubernatorial candidates Democrat Dan Onorato and Republican Tom Corbett.

Conklin, who is running for lieutenant governor with Onorato, talked about the economy and the need for jobs. He told the audience that as a small business owner, he and his wife know about the importance of jobs. He also referred to the fact that Onorato has served as the executive of Allegheny County, the second largest county in Pennsylvania, and has helped “transform that region into a hub for good-paying jobs.” Conklin received applause when he said, “Dan Onorato and I have spent our lives employing people. Tom Corbett has spent his life putting people in jail,” referring to Corbett’s job as the state’s attorney general.

Conklin also told the nearly 50 in attendance at the fall dinner that while Corbett has promised to cut everything in the state budget by 10 percent, he has also asked for an increase for his department every year since he has been in office.

Rep. Scott Conklin Rep. Scott Conklin In closing, Conklin thanked the Fulton County voters for their support. Referring to the fact that Gov. Ed Rendell had endorsed fellow Philadelphia native Jonathan Saidel for lieutenant governor, Conklin said, “Even when Rendell didn’t endorse me and when the unions didn’t endorse me, Fulton County endorsed me, and I thank you for your support.”

Brandon Fletcher, Democratic committeeman for Licking Creek Township, presided over Saturday evening’s fall dinner, which also featured remarks by Tom Conners, candidate for representative for the 9th Congressional District, a seat currently held by Rep. Bill Shuster. Conners talked about his inability to get Shuster to debate him, and gave those in attendance an overview of how he believes he can contribute if elected. He talked about the economy, the budget and Social Security and Medicare. He thinks tax breaks for the top income families should expire over the next two years. He thinks there should be no earmarks of any kind in the state budget, and he thinks all Medicare recipients should be allowed to use physicians of their choice. He also believes that Social Security should be returned to a true trust fund and should never be used for budget shortfalls.

Charlie Vizzini, aide to U.S. Senate candidate Joe Sestak, was also in attendance Saturday night and spoke briefly about Sestak’s qualifications for the Senate. Sestak, a U.S. representative and a retired Navy admiral, faces Republican candidate Pat Toomey in the general election, and has campaigned on Toomey’s views against civil rights, gun control, healthcare and hate crimes law.

Sestak beat out Arlen Specter in the primary to face off against Toomey, who handily defeated Peg Lusik for the Republican nomination.

The midterm general election will be held Tuesday, November 2, 2010, and the last day to register was October 4, 2010.

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