2010-09-30 / Local & State

Jury List

The following names were drawn September 27, 2010, for the October 25, 2010, court session. Jurors should report to the courthouse by 9:00 a.m. on the above date. Jurors are reminded that court will resume at the newly remodelled county courthouse location. Kirstie Barton, Wells Tannery Sheryl Beall, Needmore David Becker, McConnellsburg Kathryn Beckman,

McConnellsburg David Birgensmith,

McConnellsburg Barbara Bishop,

McConnellsburg James Black, Waterfall Melvin Bowman Jr., Needmore Judy Bradnick, Hustontown Kevin Bricker, Wells Tannery Bruce Caccia, Wells Tannery Delores Christian,

McConnellsburg Joel Christophel,

McConnellsburg Keith Cirtwell, Warfordsburg Penny Clark, Warfordsburg Michael Coughlin, Waterfall Susan Covalt, Needmore Troy Cromwell, Harrisonville Fred Cunningham,

McConnellsburg Wayne Daley, McConnellsburg Denny Deshong, Harrisonville John Deshong, McConnellsburg Kerry Deshong, McConnellsburg Thomas Deshong,

McConnellsburg Phyllis Eader, Big Cove Tannery Catherine Fant,

Big Cove Tannery Shirley Feagley, McConnellsburg Arthur Fisher, Harrisonville Sheila Fraker, Hustontown Timothy Gibson,

McConnellsburg Patsy Glunt, McConnellsburg Richard Glunt, Fort Littleton Alan Gregory, Needmore Dennis Gress, McConnellsburg Donald Haines, Warfordsburg Laurie Haines, Hustontown Bonnie Harnish,

McConnellsburg Joey Helser, McConnellsburg Kathleen Hendricks,

McConnellsburg Michael Henry, McConnellsburg Carl Hensley, Needmore John Hoffman, McConnellsburg Betty Johnson, Wells Tannery Miriam Johnston,

McConnellsburg Walter Karczewski,

McConnellsburg Gary Keefer, Mercersburg David Kerlin, McConnellsburg Donald Kerlin, McConnellsburg Denver Kerns, Needmore David Koontz, Warfordsburg Denver Kuhn Jr.,

McConnellsburg Troy Large Jr., Warfordsburg Mary Lynch, McConnellsburg Nathan Lynch, Harrisonville Stacey Martz, Three Springs Barbara Matrey, Crystal Spring Kathryn Matthews,

Fort Littleton Elizabeth Maust, Crystal Spring Kevin McCarthy, Needmore Russell McLucas,

McConnellsburg Cheryl Mellott, Big Cove Tannery Deborah Mellott,

McConnellsburg Naomi Mellott, Harrisonville Kim Mills, McConnellsburg Blaine Morton, Needmore Timothy Newman, Waterfall Alan Northcraft, Mercersburg Rodney O’Neal, Waterfall Shannon Pittman, Needmore Matthew Powell, Warfordsburg Raymond Prize,

Big Cove Tannery Deborah Richards,

McConnellsburg Rodney Richards,

McConnellsburg Dorothy Ritchey, Crystal Spring Joseph Ritchey Sr.,

Crystal Spring Karen Runk, Hustontown Bernard Ruppenthal,

Warfordsburg Viola Schetrompf, Warfordsburg Sherry Sellers, McConnellsburg Deborah Seville,

Big Cove Tannery Betty Sheffield, McConnellsburg Meredith Shives,

McConnellsburg Kenneth Shreve,

McConnellsburg Russell Smith, Warfordsburg Jane Souders, McConnellsburg David Sowers, McConnellsburg Ronald Spade, McConnellsburg Dustin Stains, Harrisonville Herbert Stanley, Warfordsburg Max Stenger, McConnellsburg Kerry Strait, Hustontown Louise Strait, Warfordsburg Sandra Strait, McConnellsburg Janet Strait, McConnellsburg Joan Stuart, Crystal Spring Buddy Swope, McConnellsburg Carolyn Swope, Harrisonville Harold Swope, Harrisonville Kenneth Swope, Needmore Nicole Swope, Needmore Thomas Taylor, McConnellsburg Mary Thompson, Needmore James Truax, Hustontown Linda Truax, Hustontown David Truax, McConnellsburg Dayton Tweedy,

McConnellsburg Walter Wagner, Warfordsburg Barbara Walker,

McConnellsburg Lois Wallech, McConnellsburg Kimberly Watkins,

McConnellsburg Lewis Weller, Warfordsburg Edna Williams, Warfordsburg Ellen Wilt, Needmore Jeffrey Winter, Wells Tannery Rita Wright, Wells Tannery Lois Younker, Mercersburg

Prospective jurors recalled for October 25, 2010 court

Merle Beatty, Warfordsburg Paulette Brown,

McConnellsburg Jane Doney, Hustontown Martha Downey, Hustontown Amanda Exline, Mercersburg Amy Feight, Mercersburg Shirley Hall, Wells Tannery Melissa Hixson, Warfordsburg Elizabeth Hoffman,

Harrisonville Cindy Keefer, Mercersburg Duane Luzier, Hustontown Mary Miller, Warfordsburg Judy Neil, Warfordsburg Timothy Rindt, Needmore James Shaffer, Crystal Spring Penny Shaffer, Wells Tannery Nancy Traxler, Hustontown Sandra Young, Warfordsburg

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