2010-09-23 / Letters

Who’s To Pay Higher Taxes?

To The Editor:

I have noticed that school taxes as well as others have been raised. As a county as a whole, we have the second highest unemployment and the lowest income of the whole state.

The average employed person in this county makes a whopping $32,000 a year, but the principals of all three schools make $72,000 to $75,000 a year, two times what the average person makes.

Why raise taxes on people who clearly cannot afford it? We are not a county full of rich people.

If this practice does not stop and we do not entice businesses to come here to create jobs by rezoning so that the tax base increases to cover the extra spending and lure more money into the county, then where will the money come from for these extra taxes? After all, if there are no jobs and high taxes, then who exactly is going to live here to pay them? This isn’t the Hamptons.

The governments collectively need to tighten their belts, tell the unions and special interests “no” and figure out how to get more jobs. I want to see this county prosper. I want to see its people get jobs that will not lay off after six months, and I want them to be able to afford a house, car, taxes, food and clothing.

Dawn R. Birgensmith


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