2010-09-23 / Letters

Animal Welfare Discussion Clarified

To The editor:

I was very encouraged to see several responses in last week’s “News” pertaining to the previous animal welfare article, and the obvious passion expressed for the well being of animals in Fulton County.

Some additional clarification appears to be required. The focus of the discussion at the commissioners’ meeting was on the absence of a Humane Society enforcement officer in our county, this is someone who can educate owners on PA animal cruelty/neglect laws in addition to enforcing them if necessary. At no time was any oversight intended or implied toward the many other shelter/rescue organizations providing a variety of greatly appreciated animal services to Fulton County residents. Sadly, a hint of cynicism was detected in some of the responses and is believed to be truly unwarranted. Most certainly, individual preferences for adoption, volunteering and support at any shelter/rescue should be respected.

The fact remains that Better Days Animal League is currently the only nonprofit shelter supporting a Humane Society enforcement officer volunteering services to Fulton County. I look forward to continuing the discussion on how our county can secure future officer services at a follow-up organizational meeting to be held on Thursday, September 30, at 6:30 p.m. in the conference room on the lower level of the Services for Children building, 219 N. Second St., red brick building north of the commissioners’ office building. Enter the building around the lower alley side.

Please spay and neuter!

Karen Croft Fort Littleton

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