2010-09-16 / Sports

Hagerstown Suns Announces: 30 Teams In 30 Days

The Hagerstown Suns Fan Club is announcing an ambitious project chronicling 30 years of Hagerstown Suns baseball. The project is called 30 Teams in 30 Days and can be viewed on the fans club’s official blog at http://www.sunsfanclub.blog spot.com/. Each year in the history of the Hagerstown Suns is summarized in the blog featuring the cover of that year’s stadium program. The narrative summarizes the team’s season and is followed by the team’s record, manager, future major league players and fun facts about the players and coaches.

This fascinating look at Hagerstown Suns history will be a delightful walk down memory lane for Suns fans and a true revelation for readers as they discover the long list of notable Major League players that have passed through the Suns organizations and affiliates. Zach Spedden, the creator of 30 Teams in 30 Days, has completed the first 12 days. The entire 12 days can be viewed on the blog site with a new posting each day.

The Hagerstown Suns Fan Club is an incorporated nonprofit limited liability corporation dedicated to banding together anyone interested in baseball and supporting the Hagerstown Suns’ players and management.

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