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County Reviews Polling Place Petition Signatures

Polling place to move pending completion of new addition
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

The Fulton County commissioners were presented with a petition this week containing just over 250 signatures asking that the Licking Creek Township polling place again be relocated.

Township Supervisor Donald Swope appeared before the commissioners on Tuesday, September 14, with a total of 267 signatures in hand from township residents asking for their voting location to be moved back to the municipal building.

Swope said if the commissioners would agree to the move from the Green Hill Sewing Club, the township would construct a 34x 41-foot addition onto its existing building to allow for sufficient space during future elections. The township supervisor also assured the commissioners the location would also provide adequate parking and handicapped accessibility.

The commissioners agreed that pending the completion of the addition, they would relocate the polling place back to the Licking Creek Township municipal building. Given the timeline for completion, it is possible that registered voters wold be able to vote at the township building during the 2011 municipal primary.

The commissioners also met with David Merrill of Dublin Township, who is working on his state constable certification. Merrill reported he expects to receive his certification in the very near future. In addition to introducing himself to the commissioners, he has also met with the sheriff, two magisterial district judges and the state police on utilizing his services once certified.

The county auditors shared with the commissioners this week that they have begun their audit of the Union Township tax collection books previously overseen by collector Terra Strait. Strait resigned from her duties effective August 31 and has been replaced by Nancy Oakman, who was appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

The auditors noted they will be sending a letter to all Union Township residents who have not yet paid their taxes. The letter will serve as a verification of sorts that those individuals have indeed paid their taxes and to alert them of Oakman’s appointment.

The commissioners along with chief clerk Dan Swain, Services for Children Director Jean Snyder, business manager Tim Stanton, county project developer Karen Hann and Bobby Snyder of Snyder Insurance Agency convened as members of the Safety Committee. Snyder indicated two PCorp claims have been submitted since the committee’s last meeting. The claims included a water main break in the basement of the courthouse, which was caught quickly and caused little damage, and a probation office vehicle backing into a four-wheeler. There was no damage to the ATV, but a substantial dent in the car, it was noted.

Swain reviewed a building inspection checklist that was prepared during a walkabout with Snyder. Swain pointed out some of the existing issues are due to the ongoing renovations and many will be resolved due to construction-related improvements.

Stanton indicated he wished to purchase a six-feet tall chainlink fence to have installed around the EMA tower to keep children from climbing the structure. In other related matters, Hann added the county has received word from residents that children are playing on construction equipment after hours and jumping over mulch bags with their bicycles. The contractors have been notified of the issue.

In other matters, the commissioners approved requests for liquid fuel funding from Mc- Connellsburg Borough and Todd Township. The borough is slated to receive $750, and Todd Township will get $1,600.

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