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Omission Of Greener Pastures Unfair

To The Editor:

This letter is concerning the topic of last week’s article about the need for a humane office in our county. Why wasn’t there any mention of the no-kill rescue Greener Pastures? Aside from shelters in other counties, they have been the only “beacon of hope” for animals in Fulton County for many years.

By omitting their name, you give the illusion that they don’t even exist. There are scores of people in our county, including myself, that support Greener Pastures. Over the years, my family, friends, colleagues and some of the county’s most influential people have relied on Greener Pastures for help. Greener Pastures has dozens of foster homes in our county and a good portion of their homeless residents are from Fulton County.

I haven’t heard Samantha Frey (founder of Greener Pastures) whining about how much it “costs” her to help out in our area to our county commissioners. Do you know that when the funds are available, Greener Pastures offsets vet expenses to those less fortunate in our county? Do you know that Greener Pastures also provides pet food and supplies to those in need who simply can’t afford to keep their pets with them even though they desperately want to? Ms. Frey and her volunteers are back and forth providing grief counseling, going along with pet owners when the veterinarian is going to give a grim prognosis, and she comforts many during euthanasias. In addition, Greener Pastures is always over here looking for and chasing lost pets and “cleaning up” some very disturbing situations.

Sure, we definitely need a humane officer in our county, there’s no denying that! Officer Bumbaugh is the animal control officer for Cumberland County, has three existing thrift stores, runs Better Days Animal League in Shippensburg, recently took over the controversial and embattled Angel Hill Rescue in Chambersburg, and has a reported 30 open cases/calls in Fulton County. And now he wants to take on yet another area? With such an already busy schedule, how effective can he really be and does it warrant taxpayer compensation?

I find it very unfair to have not mentioned Greener Pastures as a resource for our area. Please don’t undermine those of us in Fulton County who already know that Greener Pastures is a mainstay and a godsend to those less fortunate animals in our area.

Nancy Ritchey McConnellsburg

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