2010-09-16 / Letters

Greener Pastures Well Known To County’s Animal Lovers

To The Editor:

I am a huge animal lover living in Fulton County. I donate to several animals rescues both locally and nationally. I also watch and see everything very closely. I found last week’s front-page article about Dennis Bumbaugh and Better Days Animal League very curious. Obtrusively absent from the comments was that of Greener Pastures. Unless you live on the moon, most everyone in Fulton County has heard of Greener Pastures No Kill Animal Rescue. Their donation canisters are everywhere. They have many well-attended fundraisers in our area too. Many positive letters to the editor have been printed over the years and last, but not least, they pay to advertise in The Fulton County News. To give the impression to your readers that unless Officer Bumbaugh comes the entire way from Shippensburg to help or unless you’re in the northern part of the county you support Bedford County Humane Society with funding and adoption is simplly not true. Greener Pastures has been quite visible and vocal in our area for many years.

Also, Ms. Ashley Summers Cutshall is quoted repeatedly, not only 7-1-10 and now on 9-9-10, that she called everyone for help. I’d be willing to bet that she never called Greener Pastures.

In conclusion, I drive past Greener Pastures every day on my way to work in Maryland. This lovely little farmette is teeming with life and activities and the animals look happy and healthy. I’m not a county commissioner or a reporter for The Fulton County News. Was this an oversight or part of an agenda to not mention Greener Pastures? As much as Greener Pastures is in our area helping out with animal welfare issues, it only stands to reason that many of their rescued animals are from right here in Fulton County. I’m sure Fulton County also “cost” Greener Pastures a lot of money, but they aren’t petitioning the county for funding. They do it the old-fashioned way. They earn it.

Dolores Strait Big Cove Tannery

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