2010-09-16 / Letters

Greener Pastures Friend To Fulton’s Neglected Animals

To The Editor:

After reading last week’s front-page article “Residents Hear Animal Cruelty Concerns,” I was disappointed that there as no mention of Greener Pastures No Kill Animal Rescue of Marion. Greener Pastures has been tirelessly providing care and shelter of animals from Fulton County for many years, and I would go as far as to say that 50 percent of the animals living there have been abandoned, neglected, or abused in Fulton County.

The good-hearted, animal loving people of this county have been aware of the animal cruelty and neglect, and without taking the law into their own hands have come to the aid of these poor creatures. Greener Pastures has numerous supporters from the area and contributions toward the care of these animals are always appreciated. In fact, Greener Pastures operates on contributions and gifts alone.

With the downturn in the economy there has been a noticeable decline in giving, however, the acceptance of animals from Fulton County that are in need of a wonderful home has never declined. Please visit our Web site at www.greenerpasturespa.com

I agree that an animal cruelty officer is much needed, and I would be interested in attending a follow-up meeting on this issue.

Jennifer Sharpe McConnellsburg

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