2010-09-16 / Front Page

Road Kill Cafe Recommended

In “Philadelphia Magazine”
By Jean Snyder

A local favorite earned a mention in “Philadelphia Magazine’s” September issue in a story entitled “9 Easy Weekend Getaways.”

One of the nine was Bedford County and writer Zoey Sless-Kitain advised, “For dinner, you must join the locals at the Road Kill Cafe.”

While on assignment, Sless-Kitain stayed at the Buckland Farm B&B in Clearville and, in addition to recommending the Jean Bonnet Tavern near Bedford, also wrote of the Artemas cafe: “don’t be fooled by the gas-station-and-convenience store front; walk through to find the restaurant, with picnic tables amid fishing gear, rifles and homemade pies for sale.”

The writer recommended hamburger stroganoff when it’s on special, or the hot roast beef sandwich, all entrees that have been enjoyed by many Fulton County folks over the years.

The other eight weekend getaways recommended by those wishing to take a nearby break from Philadelphia included Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, Rehoboth Beach, Del., Long Beach, N.Y., Charlottesville, Va., Norfolk, Va., Watch Hill, R.I., and the Lower Hudson Valley, N. Y.

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