2010-09-02 / Family

Keebaugh Revisits Germany

Ken Keebaugh, Hustontown, while in Germany for son Isaac’s family wedding ceremony on August 14, spent 10 days touring southern Bavaria, the Black Forest and the Alsace-Lorraine Region of France. Highlights of the trip were a personally guided tour of the recently modernized, eco-friendly “green” Kuhbacher Brewery by the chief of sales; dining on real Black Forest cake served on a ceramic plate with metal forks at a McDonald’s at the base of the Alps on the border of Germany, Austria and Switzerland; visiting eight villages named Kuhbach (the original German spelling of Keebaugh), some of which had as few as four residences; most on the Austrian and Chec Republic borders; and locating three Kuhbach streams with Le Kuhbach in France near Strasbourg. (Kuhbach means place where the cows come to drink.) Pictured is Keebaugh standing in a Kuhbach (cow stream) running through the Black Forest in Germany.

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