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Park Family Holds Reunion

The 46th annual reunion for the descendants of Clay and Alice Park was held Sunday, August 15, 2010, at Dublin Mills Church pavilion. it was a beautiful day with 84 family members and guests in attendance.

Lester Swope gave the blessing before the 12:30 meal. There was a variety of delicious foods prepared by the many good cooks in the family.

A business meeting to elect the 2011 officers and a financial report were held. The scripture reading of the 23rd Psalm, and a prayer was said by the president, Harold Adams. There was a moment of silence for George Barrick, Ruth Gladfelter and Anna Weaver for the loss of the family members. The election of officers for the new year is as follows: president - Harold Adams; vice president - Steve Grissinger; secretary - Dauna Baker and treasurer - Irene Miller.

The meeting was followed by games. The adult games were led by Brenda Crook. Winners were oldest person - Sheldon Hess (87); youngest person - Addisyn Nearhood (5 months); newest newlywed - Danielle Clapsadle (1 year); furthest drive - Nathan Heatwole (250 miles); and guessing game - Ken Crook. Next year’s adult games will be led by Brenda Crook.

The children’s games were led by Jennifer Chappell and Kristen Miller. The winners were: pin-the-tail-on-thedonkey - Michael Newman; clothespin game - Harley Cohenour and Ashlyn Foster; musical chairs - Emily Newman; and guessing games - Ashlyn Foster and Dorion Clapsadle. Next year’s childrens games will be led by Jennifer Murdock.

Those in attendance were:

Jean Adams, Harold Adams, Lester Swope, Dolores Swope, Brandon Swope, Olivia Swope, Dana Baker, Robert Mills, Tammy Nearhood, Brittany Nearhood, Dalton Nearhood, Addisyn Nearhood, Brittany Hobble, Allan Chappel, Jennifer Chappell, Kristen Miller, Carl Cohenour, Harley Cohenour, Lanny Newman, Sonja Newman, Nick Shew, Eric Newman, Michael Newman, Emily Newman, Alan Shew, Elizabeth Shew, Travis Foster, Heather Foster, Ashlyn Foster, Emily Foster, Phyllis Foster, Fred Foster, Marie Foster, Esther Heatwole, Nathan Heatwole, Tirzah Heatwole, Lois Haines and Ruth Haines.

Also Brenda Crook, Ken Crook, Jenny Murdoch, Sean Crook, Devon Crook, Peter Weaver, Beth Dick, Luther Dick, Robert Straughan, Gaynelle Straughan, Mary Straughan, Irene B. Miller, Wally Newman, Norma Newman, Evelyn Grissinger, Curt Patterson, Amy Patterson, Hilary Patterson, David “Cory” Hearn, Tina Hess, Nip Hess, Theresa Besaw, Olivia Strait, Cordell Strait, B.J. Strait, Danielle Clapsadle, Dorion Clapsadle, Nina Souders, Harry Hendershot, Raquel Zittle, Levi Ritte, Kylie Zittle, Nikki Fleming, Denny Long, Karne Long, Hannah Woodall, Cameron Yarel, Shelley Woodall, Sheldon Hess, Billie Woodall, Zach Kinnan, Melanie Henderhsot, Lijah Winegardner, Amber Winegardner, Helen Souders and Jay Souders.

Next year’s reunion will be August 21, same place and time. More name tags will be available next year for everyone.

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