2010-08-19 / Obituaries

Resolution Of Respect


WHEREAS, it has been resolved by the members of the United Methodist women of the Fairview United Methodist Church, that Resolution of Respect be written to the memory of Grace I. Heefner, who passed away on July 27, 2010, and be it resolved that a copy be kept in the minutes of our society.

THEREFORE, be it resolved that in the death of our sister, we have lost a helpful co-worker and a true friend and we thank almighty God for her service and companionship. Now as God has called her to the reward of the great beyond, may this blessing rest upon us as we cherish her memory and help us to emulate her virtues. Somewhere back of the sunset Where loveliness never dies She lives in a land of glory Mid the blue and gold of

the skies And we who have known

and loved her Whose passing has brought

sad tears Will cherish her memory

always To brighten the passing years.

Barb Cutchall Dorothy Shotts

Cindy Fraker Phyllis McClure

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