2010-08-19 / Local & State


The following deeds were recorded at the local courthouse during the past week. State tax stamps affixed to deeds indicate one percent of the purchase price or of the fair market value:

James J. Salvo to James J. Salvo in Dublin Township, tax exempt.

Grant J. Souders and Evelyn J. Souders to Greg L. Souders, Lilli A. Wilson, Claudia S. Barnett, Vicki L. Bookheimer, Stacy J. Truax, Scott B. Souders and Todd M. Souders in Ayr Township, tax exempt.

Jean E. Gregory to Regina M. Strait in Bethel Township, tax exempt.

Regina M. Strait to Jean E. Gregory and Sheila D. Engle in Bethel Township, tax exempt.

Daniel J. Adams to Leslie J. Bowman and Melanie R. Bowman in Ayr Township, $380 in tax stamps.

Federal Home Loan Mtg. Corp. by Marie T. Eaise to Christopher Wills and Jaime Wills in Bethel Township, $635 in tax stamps.

Wilmer I. Lashley to Wilmer I. Lashley and Ferron P. Cromwell in Brush Creek Township, $1,168.91 in tax stamps.

William J. Butts and Loretta M. Butts by Sheriff Keith Stains to First National Bank of Greencastle in Thompson Township, $250 in tax stamps.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Paul Sigel and Don Sigel in Ayr Township, $700 in tax stamps.

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