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Central Fulton Alters Admin Salaries

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

A shifting of workloads resulting from the recent reorganization of existing administration forced the Central Fulton School Board to return to the drawing board last Tuesday and revisit the topic of salary increases.

On a unanimous roll-call vote, the board agreed to grant administrative increases to a total of three individuals, including middle/ high school Principal and curriculum coordinator Todd Beatty; elementary Principal Alicia Mellott; and Director of Special Education Ginger Thompson.

In speaking with the “News” following the August 10 meeting, Superintendent Dwayne Northcraft explained Principal Beatty’s contract has been extended by two months, thereby making it a 12-month position. Both Beatty and elementary Principal Mellott, the superintendent further noted, will now be responsible for overseeing additional curriculum related duties.

Northcraft went on to say in spite of the raises, the district’s new administrative salaries are still $38,900 lower than those recorded during the 2009-10 school year. Furthermore, the district has also been able to save additional money by reducing the number of special education referrals through the RTI program that involves early intervention.

Raises approved by the board will bring Beatty’s salary from $80,675 to $85,000, while Mellott and Thompson are listed at $78,500 and $70,000, respectively. Mellott and Thompson were previously making $76,834 and $67,776 during the 2009-10 school year.

According to the superintendent, Thompson will be become more involved with the discipline issues surrounding her special education students. Most notably, however, was the setting of the salary of Billie Jo Beatty, who will be transitioning into the role of assistant elementary principal.

Under the teacher contract with additional stipends given for serving as dean of students and for logging extra days, Billie Jo Beatty previously made a total of $70,450. Her new title of assistant elementary principal only brings in a salary of $70,000 but will allow her to become directly involved in a supervisory capacity.

Under other financial matters, the board accepted a letter prepared by Boyer & Ritter, certified professional accountants, regarding the June 30, 2010, audit. Acceptance of the letter is required in accordance with the Government Auditing Standards.

The board entered into an agreement with Premier Solutions that will allow for the district to purchase energy within a group setting in order to control electrical costs. The decision by the board was in direct response to Allegheny Power’s deregulation that will get under way in 2011.

It was agreed the district will utilize psychology services offered through Penn State University for the upcoming 2010-11 school year. The board learned it is possible the cost of services will not increase from those set during the previous school year, which totalled $575 per evaluation and an estimated $1,752.30 for mileage reimbursement.

The board amended a prior motion regarding the reimbursement of Greg Hays for the completion of necessary paperwork through the Behind The Wheel student driving program. In May the board authorized a reimbursement rate of $16.50, which was in turn amended to reflect a new rate of $17.


Following a recommendation proposed by the Personnel Committee, Angel Knepper of Hustontown was offered a temporary professional contract. Knepper’s salary was set at $41,658 plus $300 for special education in accordance with step four on the salary scale.

In addition, Sara Duncan from Sidman, Pa., was also offered a temporary professional at step one on the salary scale, which equates to $40,762.

Jennifer Miller of Needmore along with Mercersburg residents Cindel Hollenshead and Jacob Corl and Logan Cunningham of Harrisonville were added to the professional substitute list. The motion regarding Miller was made pending the receipt of necessary clearances.

Furthermore, Darlene Shaffer of Warfordsburg; Tammy Lynch from Harrisonville; and Debora Mc- Garvey, McConnellsburg were added to the paraprofessional substitute list. The action taken by the board on Shaffer and McGarvey are pending the district’s receipt of clearances.

Harrisonville resident Dawn Myers and Jessica Harman, McConnellsburg, were placed on the list of secretaries/aides pending the receipt of clearances.

James Weller from Mc- Connellsburg was given permission to serve in the capacity of co-op student with the custodial department. Weller will work for the district during the upcoming school year for up to 10 hours weekly at an hourly rate of $7.25.

Josh McKelvy was placed on the extracurricular salary scale as a volunteer assistant soccer coach for both the boys and girls squads.

The board accepted a letter of retirement from high school instructor Barbara Sowers retroactive to June 30.

A transfer was granted for security guard Shirley Sample, who will assume a parttime position with the custodial department at $7.40 per hour. The vacant position will be advertised.


The board signed off on the 2010-11 contract with Extended Family Programs Inc., which offers alternative education to district students at a rate of $80.98 per student. The rate remains level with that of the previous school year. The board then moved on to enter into an additional agreement with Manito Inc. at a student rate of $80.

The following field trips were approved as submitted to the board and administration:

• August 27, 200 middle school students to Great Cove Golf and Recreation Club at no cost to the district.

• September 3, 48 middle school/high school SADD students to Lincoln Bowling Lanes, Chambersburg, at no cost to the district.

• September 16, members of the sixth-grade class to the Englert Farm in Knobsville or another local farm at no cost to the district.

• late September or early October, ag science students to Franklin County for the corn maze located at Hi- Jos Farm at no cost to the district.

• September 17, 10 to 15 art students to Antietam Iron Works in McConnellsburg at no cost to the district.

• September 24, approximately 48 seventh- and eighth-grade SADD students to Gettysburg Battlefield at no cost to the district.

• September 16, FFA officers to Fulton County Youth Ag Expo at no cost to the district.

• September 30, 65 students enrolled in ninthgrade U.S. History to downtown McConnellsburg at no cost to the district.

Building and grounds

A request made by the Class of 2012 to move the location of the junior/senior prom to within 30 to 40 minutes of the borough of Mc- Connellsburg was tabled for further discussion.


A contract was awarded to Tammy Sweger of Waterfall to provide transportation for the Extended School Year program at the daily rate of $218.40. The contract began retroactive to June 8.

The contract for bus #10 belonging to M. Cloyd Swope was transferred to Ellen and M. Cloyd Swope Jr.

Willis and Gail Decker received authorization to purchase a new or used 72-passenger school bus. The bus will replaced the Decker family’s 1999 model bus.

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