2010-08-19 / Family

F.C. Partnership Announces “Communities That Care”

The Fulton County Partnership Inc. is pleased to announce that its “Communities That Care” model for the prevention of youth violence, delinquency and drug use has been initiated for Fulton County.

The Communities That Care process is a proven approach to preventing youth violence, delinquency and drug use by analyzing the underlying causes of identified risk factors associated with our community’s problem behaviors. Under the umbrella of The Fulton County Partnership, the process was begun by identifying and training key community leaders and by establishing a Community Board with six distinct workgroups comprised of those key leaders as well as community members and local youths.

During this last school year, each of the three Fulton County school districts administered the PA Youth Survey (PAYS) to students in select grades. The Communities That Care Board will evaluate the survey data, identify prioritized risk behaviors, develop a community prevention plan, and appraise existing corrective and preventative community resources. By utilizing this model, Fulton County communities will nurture individual youth characteristics; provide opportunities, skills and recognition while simultaneously building youth attachment and commitment to families, schools, communities and peer groups.

Research conducted by the Prevention Research Center at Penn State University has shown that youth in those communities adopting the model have significantly fewer risk factors, lower rates of delinquency and drug use, and better academic performance than youths in comparison communities.

If you are interested in joining the board, or would like more information, please contact Julia Dovey, FCP, Inc. executive director (717) 485-0931.

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