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Family Mourns Loss Of Son

Cordell Carbaugh remembered as “miracle child”
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

Cordell Carbaugh Cordell Carbaugh Still fresh with grief over the loss of their son following an all-terrain vehicle accident, Ed and Melinda Carbaugh paused last week to remember their son, Cordell, as sociable, loving and someone who could get along with anyone.

In sitting down with the “News” on Friday, the Carbaughs shared their memories compiled over 21 years with Cordell, who died on July 29 due to complications resulting from an ATV accident in southern Fulton County.

According to mother Melinda, she will always remember Cordell as being her “miracle child” as physicians believed she was unable to bear anymore children due to medical issues.

“Every memory I have of Cordell is special to me,” she said of her son, who enjoyed all of the things a typical country boy loved ranging from cars and hunting to camping and fishing. Possibly one of the most special thoughts of their family time together includes weekend camping trips at the Long View Campgrounds in the Mercersburg area. While at the campgrounds, the family enjoyed fishing at the pond and, of course, special mealtimes together.

The family “grillmeister” father Ed noted Cordell always called home every Friday night to see what was on the menu for the weekend and if the possibility of a cookout was in the future. “That’ll be the hardest part of this. Knowing he won’t be calling every weekend and visiting,” said Ed.

Ed also noted he enjoyed working by his son’s side on automobile repairs, even though he deemed himself as not being a great mechanic. Cordell was a member of the Automotive Intent Club and routinely displayed his vehicles in area shows.

Meanwhile, Melinda chimed in the love of automobiles and repairs likely originated with her own father, while both sides of the family claim a love of hunting and fishing.

The extended Carbaugh family maintained a vigilant watch by Cordell’s side during his two-week stay at Conemaugh Valley Memorial Medical Center. Melinda was fortunate to spend 24 hours daily, seven days a week during his hospitalization and saw her son’s condition improve and then fail again due to complications with his lungs.

With around 600 individuals attending Cordell’s viewing and services held early last week, his parents’ concluding comments of their son being able to get along with anyone certainly rings true.

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