2010-08-12 / Family

Cards Of Thanks


The family of Grace I. Heefner is overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support given during her brief illness and death.

Thank you to Drs. Martin, Stern, Iguchi, Rintoul, Donahoe and Edwards and to the emergency room nurses.

Special thanks to the ICU nurses: Holly, Lisa, Linda and Emily, for their excellent care and for the compassion they showed to the family. Thank you to nurses Hope, Barb and Patty.

Thank you to Sipes Funeral Home for everything.

Special thanks to Pastor Bill Kuhn and to Pastor Deborah Strait for all the visits, love and support and for the beautiful service.

Special thanks to family members who came and stayed with us and gave us support as we watched Mother and Grandmother slowly slip away.

Thanks to all the family, friends and neighbors for all the acts of kindness. Thanks for all the prayers, the beautiful cards, the memorial contributions, phone calls, food and flowers.

Thank you to Fairview Church and to the HAVFCO Ladies Auxiliary for the delicious meal. We all know that Mother and Grandmother is in heaven. We ask that God will richly bless all of you.


Linda and Esta

Grandchildren and great-grandchildren

David and Chuck


The Keefer family would like to say thank you for attending the services of Edgar “Manny” E. Keefer Sr. Your presence was truly appreciated. At times like these, the company of family, friends and neighbors is incredibly comforting.

To Pastor Delmas Bard, thank you for your words of encouragement and your comforting council at the services. God is with us all especially when we are mourning and your presence in our lives makes that fact easier to remember and keep the faith.

To the Howard L. Sipes Funeral Home Inc., we extend our thanks to you for helping the family be able to arrange the beautiful services for Dad. To those of you who sent flowers and cards, thank you. To those who prepared the nourishment after the services bless you for seeing to our needs at the time of our grief.

To the Fulton County Medical Center and the emergency room staff thank you. Again we would like to thank those who shared their special memories of our Dad and Pappy with us and may God be with you.

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