2010-08-12 / Entertainment

A Trip Through The Islands


Pictured above is Tiffany Ah Loe demonstrating one the dances. Pictured above is Tiffany Ah Loe demonstrating one the dances. Approximately 25 children and their parents, grandparents and other community members were treated to a trip through the islands of the Pacific last Tuesday evening, July 27 as Mika and Tiffany Ah Loe, along with their children, demonstrated different dances from different islands at the Fulton County Library community room.

Mika and Tiffany, who lived in Warfordsburg with their four children: Tavita, 8; Sinalei, 6; Sosefina, 3; and infant Viliamu, performed native dances from Hawaii, where Mika and Tiffany met, Fiji, Cook Island, Tahiti, New Zealand and Samoa.

Tiffany, Sinalei and Sosefina did several beautiful dances together. Then Mika and Tavita did a warrior dance together. Along with Mika and Tiffany, the fathers were invited to participate in the Warrior Dance and then the ladies and young girls were able to participate with Tiffany and Sinalei in a traditional dance.

Pictured above is Mika Ah Loe doing his fire dance. Pictured above is Mika Ah Loe doing his fire dance. Children and adults alike sat spellbond by the beautiful music and the slow, graceful movements of the dancers. Tiffany, formerly Tiffany Hartman and a native of Warfordsburg, has research-ed and self-taught herself the dances. She then taught her daughters the dances that they perform together. Mike, who is Somian, knew of several warrior dances that he and his son performed. Along with the beautiful costumes, all made by Tiffany, Mika explained the dances and gave short lessons on how to say “Hello,” in the various languages. One special dance was done by Mika and Tiffany of a young couple courting. It was beautiful to watch how the graceful movements of both the hands and body can communicate a message without ever saying a word. The finale of the evening was Mika doing the fire dance outside with a torch lit at both ends. The audience sat silent as they held their breaths watching the spinning torch go around Mika’s body and not burn him. When he blew fire from his mouth, the excitement on everyone’s face was something to see.

As a final treat, Mika and Tiffany brought their Hawaiian shaved ice machine along and made cones of shaved ice with everyone’s favorite flavors.

It was truly a wonderful evening. Thanks go to Linda Burton, children’s librarian, for arranging the program as part of the Summer Reading Program and to the Community State Bank for sponsoring the program.

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