2010-08-05 / Local & State

Bill To Improve Reaction To Future Oil Spills Passes House

Congressman Bill Shuster, a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the Natural Resources Committee, is pleased to announce that his “Oil Spill Cleanup Technologies Act” has passed the House.

“The American people are rightly angry at their government’s inability to react to the devastation of the Gulf oil spill,” Shuster said. “I am pleased the legislation I introduced to help streamline disaster preparedness and response was passed by the House today.”

Shuster’s “Oil Spill Cleanup Technologies Act of 2010” requires the president, acting through the secretary of Homeland Security, to quickly solicit, review and approve oil and hazardous substance cleanup technologies to prepare for the eventuality of another disaster like the Deepwater Horizon spill.

In addition, Shuster’s legislation would require the federal government to coordinate with academia, small businesses and others to ensure the best oil spill fighting technologies are available to be implemented quickly and efficiently to react to a spill. Finally, the legislation would require the maintenance of a database so that the government knows what cleanup technologies are available and can deploy them quickly in the case of another spill.

“America is a world leader when it comes to technology and innovation,” Shuster added. We have learned from Hurricane Katrina that the government needs to be proactive in disaster response. My legislation will move America further toward that goal.”

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