2010-08-05 / Letters

Legion Drops The Ball On Benefit Ride

To The Editor:

I was in the process of organizing a benefit ride for a person in great need. So I thought I would ask the American Legion Post 561, McConnellsburg, if they would help sponsor the ride. But I thought wrong. I talked to one of the board of directors. He told me that if they started helping to do things like this, everyone having a hard time would want them to help.

I can understand this to a point. But look at how serious the situation really is. This was told to me without the request even going to a board meeting. The director I talked to offered $125 out of his bar bingo money for hamburgers and hot dogs. Just how many people can you feed for $125? Not many. A lot of people go to the legion, spend money on tickets, beverages and meals. And they can’t help someone in need out? Needless to say, I will not renew my membership again.

I did find sponsorship at the Eagles Club in Harrisonville and the American Legion Post 517, Mercersburg. I would like to thankthe Eagles Club and the American Legion Post 517 for their support and a big thank-you to all the people who donated and participated for the benefit ride. There were 70 bikes and 120 people for the ride.

Rick Hoffman McConnellsburg

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