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Eisenhower’s Words Describe Today’s Democrats

To The Editor:

Following World War II, both parties courted Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower to be their presidential candidate, and during his eight years as president, he often spoke and wrote “Why I am a Republican.”

Some excerpts:

“Republicans have a never failing concern for every last human being in America, no matter what his religion or skin color ... to Republicans every individual has equal rights ... and is to be given every opportunity to live according to his concepts of justice, decency and right.”

“This concept does not mean that we forget the unfortunate or neglect the poor. On the contrary, it asserts that we are, in a very definite sense, our brother’s keeper.”

“Today we are competing for men’s hearts and minds and trust throughout the world.”

“This will not be attained by revolution ... and our party detests the sordid politics of pitting group against group for cheap political advantage.”

“Success will be brought by the ambitions, judgements, inspirations and daring of free Americans working with friends abroad toward a common ideal in a peaceful world.

“The Republican Party’s record on social justice rests on accomplishments ... but there are still enough needless sufferings to be cured, enough injustices to be erased to provide careers for all the crusaders we can produce or find.”

Hmmmmmmmm ... 50 years later the general’s words still ring true. Except that today those words would describe why I am a Democrat!

President Eisenhower, in his 1961 Farewell Speech, also famously warned America to “guard against unwarranted influence of the military industrial complex,” a warning ignored when Ronald Reagan deregulated banks and corporations, beginning the process which led to today’s huge economic and environmental problems.

George W. Bush then took us over the edge by invading Iraq and granting outrageous tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans while borrowing money everywhere.

Incidentally, the top income tax rate during the Eisenhower administration was 90 percent.

Paul Politis

Greencastle (Chairman, Franklin

County Democratic


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