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MEMORY JOGGER This week's Memory Jogger was taken at Niagara Falls in the mid 1970s and pictures, back row, left to right: Peg Kerlin, Patty Kerlin Bishop, Dora Lynch, Pat ?; front: Edna Straley, Mona Sowers and Gladys Mack. MEMORY JOGGER This week's Memory Jogger was taken at Niagara Falls in the mid 1970s and pictures, back row, left to right: Peg Kerlin, Patty Kerlin Bishop, Dora Lynch, Pat ?; front: Edna Straley, Mona Sowers and Gladys Mack. 20 Years Ago

From The Files Of July 26, 1990 ’90 A summer lightning storm raged across the county for more than an hour Friday evening downing power lines, flooding streets and closing

Route 522 for more than two hours.

Fulton County Commissioners voted Tuesday to accept the resignation of county recycling coordinator James Hedges and also voted to continue to operate a basic recycling program for Fulton County.

The board of directors of the Fulton County Library has appointed Claire A. Mikos to the position of acting director. Mikos, 24, Chambersburg, took over the position June 18 when director Bernice Crouse began a year’s maternity leave.

Eighty-four-old Eugene Plessinger of Endicott, N.Y., former countian and longtime reader, writes of his memories of the county when he sees his thriving pennyroyal tea plant which he transplanted from the top of Town Hill Mountain. He says the plant grows profusely in the local woods here and adds that the Indians introduced it to the New England colonists paying the Penny Tax on English tea and the Boston Tea Party ensued. It also reduces fever and is a good cold remedy, he says. Some folks call it the teaberry plant.

With about 10 months on the job, contractors for the new addition to the Central Fulton Elementary School and renovations to the existing school building are racing the clock to get the new facility ready for the start of school at the end of August.

Deaths: Betty F. Gladfelter, 70, Factoryville, Pa.; Lillian Naugle, 67, Shade Gap; Vernon J. Kling, 92, Shade Gap.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Rosenberry of Burnt Cabins on July 13; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Foor of Breezewood on July 15; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Tony Cooley of Fayetteville on July 16; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moore of Arlington, Va., on July 16; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Steven Plum of Hustontown on July 17; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Byron Hann of Mc- Connellsburg on July 18; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hamman of Shade Gap on July 19.

30 Years Ago

From The Files of July 24, 1980 ’80 The public sale of the Glen Nell Hotel scheduled for Saturday morning at the courthouse was cancelled due to the lack of interested bidders

on the property.

Customers will be able to browse and pick out their own selections at the State Liquor Store in McConnellsburg, once renovations, now under way, are completed in August. While the Liquor Control Board is renovating the country’s only liquor dispensary, it was decided to change the store to self-service as well.

James Bottenfield of Needmore became the first to register for the draft after the post office opened on Monday. The first registrant is the son of James I. and Ruth U. Bottenfield and is a graduate of Southern Fulton High School.

A house trailer near Warfordsburg was totally destroyed by fire last Saturday night. Firemen from Needmore ad Hancock were called to the trailer which was occupied by the Bobby Golden family. No one was home when the fire began.

Martha S. Lodge has been notified by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission that her house, the Stoner House, has been included in the Pennsylvania Inventory of Historic Places.

After the tumult and the shouting died at the Republican Convention in Detroit last week, shoo-in Ronald Reagan won the nomination for president and he named George Bush as his running mate. Right until the last minute, rumor was rife that former President Gerald Ford would fill the vice-president slot.

Specials at the IGA: nectarines, 49 cents lb.; Tetley iced tea mix, $1.49, 10 pk.; hen turkeys, 58 cents lb.; bottom round steaks, $1.99 lb.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Randy Kelso of McConnellsburg on July 11; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Diehl of Warfordsburg on July 12; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Steven Winegardner of Hustontown on July 16; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. William Duvall of Broad Top on July 17; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Greogry Creager of McConnellsburg on July 17; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bishop of Warfordsburg on July 17.

Deaths: Elmer K. Melius, Chambersburg; Frank D. Mellott, McConnellsburg; Mrs. Emma Kerlin Lyons, Pineville; Oliver R. Wible, Hagerstown; Lester B. Mauck, Hagerstown; Arthur R. Bolinger, Monroeville; Della P. Hann, Needmore; Robert W. Shaw, New Grenada.

The St. Paul’s United Church of Christ was the scene of a wedding June 28 for Deborah C. Kave and Denis J. McElhaney. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kave, Berkeley Springs, and Mrs. Alma Kinzie of Big Cove Tannery and Jay McElhaney of McConnellsburg.

40 Years Ago

From The Files Of August 6, 1970 ’70 Two local business places were burglarized last week, with a car being stolen from one and $700 worth of merchandise from the other.

A new 1970 Mustang was taken from Fulton Motor Sales some time during the night on Monday, and the Ott Bros. Farm Supply Store on Route 16 was entered by thieves who broke a glass in the front door. Numerous items of merchandise were taken from the store, including a color television set, a stereo tape recorder and an air conditioner.

For the past two weeks, 22 youths from the Legion of Mary of Providence, Rhode Island, encountered what they termed a “most exciting experience” in the Fulton County area of Pennsylvania. The youths, hoping to bring love and friendship to all countians, left Pennsylvania feeling that they had received more than they could possibly have given. The high point of their visit was the youths’ house-tohouse visitation.

Area students who will receive degrees from Shippensburg State College during commencement exercises on August 7 include Gary Martz of Hustontown, Master of Education; Mrs. Carl (Janet Jarrett) Gordon of Greencastle, Master of Education; Kennard Foster, Shade Gap, B.S. in education; and Althea Stains Jaymes, Three Springs, Master of Education.

Maryland State Police reported the death of 3-year-old Melissa Jean Vanorsdale, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Vanorsdale, Hancock, in an apparent accidental shooting at her home on July 28.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Barnett of Saxton on July 25; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Calvin McMullen of Burnt Cabins on July 26; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. John Swisher of McConnellsburg on July 27; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kendall of Mc- Connellsburg on July 29; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Deshong of McConnellsburg on July 30; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sigel of Needmore on July 31.

Many people of the area are attending the Shade Gap Picnic held this week.

Mrs. Ray Sprenkle has purchased the Robert Yeager home on North Fourth Street. The Yeagers will move to Greencastle.

There were reports last week of a bear being sighted crossing Sideling Hill in Licking Creek Township – a rather rare sight in Fulton County.

News of men in service: Richard E. Clippinger, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Clippinger of Burnt Cabins, has re-enlisted in the U.S. Army.

Deaths: Guy Gienger, former Fulton Countian; Orlando F. Summers, Chambersburg.

50 Years Ago

From The Files Of August 11, 1960 ’60 Clarence Morton of Needmore underwent surgery at Chambersburg Hospital on Tuesday for the amputation of his right leg which was

badly mangled on Saturday when it was caught in a combine. Morton was visiting on the farm of a neighbor, Ed Decker, when he stepped up to look at the grain being combined and his foot slipped.

Close to 100 people attended the open invitation to visit the radar station atop Tuscarora Mountain on Sunday afternoon. On August 18 the Tuscarora station will be inspected by Gen. George S. Eckhardt, commander of the 35th Artillery Brigades Air Defense, Fort Meade, Md. This command takes in all the missile defense sites in the Washington Baltimore area.

The U.S. Army last Thursday called for 9,000 draftees in August, bringing the number to 2.57 million since the start of the Korean War.

Thirteen-year-olds Barry A. and Garry L. Martz of Hustontown were awarded the Boy Scouts “God and Country Award” at services at the Hustontown Methodist Church on Sunday.

Parker E. Crouse, McConnellsburg, a sophomore in engineering, and William M. Swope, a junior in agriculture education, were named to the dean’s list at Penn State University for the spring semester.

As the result of a new bill signed into law on July 14, World War II and Korean War veterans may apply for Veterans adminstration-guaranteed home, farm and business loans until July 1962. The GI loan interest rate of 5 1/3 percent remains unchanged.

The month of July was the coolest in 65 years.

Mrs. Bessie Glenn, Knobsville, is at home recovering from a broken hip

Mr. and Mrs. Lamont Bergstresser have broken ground for a new home in the cove.

Barbara Long, Knobsville, who broke her arm several weeks ago, had to have it reset at the Medical Center last week

Former Warfordsburg resident Riley Garland, 84, died at his home in York last Monday, and he was buried beside his wife, the former Jessie Lewis, in the Cedar Grove Cemetery on Wednesday.

Deaths: Mrs. Frank Stevens, McConnellsburg; George Henry King, Taylor Township; Walker Mellott, Needmore; Robert E. Anderson, Alexandria, Va., formerly of Fulton County; Scott S. Myers, Greencastle; Mrs. Anna B. Lamberson, Hustontown; George “Jim” Black, Covington, Ky., formerly of McConnellsburg; Mrs. Mary C. Truax, McConnellsburg; William Percy Winter, Six Mile Run; Elvie McClellan Deshong, McConnellsburg.

Harold Rotz, McConnellsburg, advertises country lard at 9 cents a pound.

60 Years Ago

From The Files Of August 10, 1950 ’50 At long last – after two years of strenuous effort on the part of the citizens of Fulton County and especially the board of directors – the new Fulton

County Medical Center will be formally dedicated during the morning of September 2, 1950.

Birth: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Russell of Arkansas on July 11. Mrs. Russell is the former LaVerne Miller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Brown Miller of Hustontown.

Plans are now well under way for the celebration of Fulton County’s centennial this year. This week, the director of the centennial pageant, “Fulton’s Heritage,” set up headquarters in the News’ office and the centennial plates and other paraphernalia are stored there. In a note to regular customers, the editor asks them to not be scared of all the strange faces in the front office, “but just come barging right on back. You’ll find us in the back office most likely.”

George Steffee Anderton and Roena Jane McCoy were married on July 2.

Allison L. Shade of Clear Ridge, Max E. Shope of Hustontown and Edmund J. Seiders of Knobsville have been notified by the local draft board to report to Pittsburgh on August 30 for pre-induction examinations.

Harold Cook and his orchestra will furnish music for the opening of the local VFW’s new club rooms on Saturday night.

Deaths: Louise Guillard of Colmont; Virginia Lee Spade of Buck Valley; Mrs. Adiza Brady Fisher of Big Cove Tannery; Norman Heaton of Huntingdon; Mrs. Ruth Hann of Warren, Ohio.

70 Years Ago

From The Files of August 8, 1940 ’40 Local state police were busy over the weekend investigating several accidents, four of which involved Fulton Countians, as follows: a Ford

truck, operated by J.B. Fraker of Fort Littleton ran into the rear of an International truck operated by George McFerren of Chambersburg; Fred Brow of Robertsdale, driver of a Ford coach, ran into a Chevrolet operated by Philip P. Drenning of New Grenada; the Ford sedan of Warren C. Keebaugh of Hustontown and a Studebaker sedan of Abe Crowden of Pittsburgh sideswiped; and a collision of the cars of C.C. Madden of Hustontown and Noah Run of Three Springs. Damage was light in each accident and no injuries were reported, except on the last mishap when Mrs. Runk sustained lacerations and bruises of the left knee and a bruised cheek.

Deaths: Mrs. Neil Amelia Stiffler of Everett; Harold Radcliffe Appleby of Beach Haven, N.J.

Fulton Countians admitted to Everett Hospital during the past week included Eugene Bivens of Webster Mill for a tonsillectomy; Earl McFarland of Needmore for amputation of the middle finger; Mrs. Dorothy Hann of McConnellsburg for minor operation; Donald Gress of McConnellsburg for tonsillectomy; Mrs. Mildred Gress of McConnellsburg for minor operation.

Miss Ruth Roetter, who records the daily rainfall from this community, reported that from 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday until 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday of this week, there were 1.75 inches of rain.

Robert Ramsey Black and Mary Grace Armacost were married on Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Snyder of Knobsville will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary on August 17.

About 11 members of the Sideling Hill Sunday School and Ladies’ Aid met at Jerry Springs on Sunday morning and enjoyed an outdoor study of God’s work.

Verl Black and Gladys Bolinger were married July 13.

Mrs. D.R. Elder and daughter Elizabeth will move from McConnellsburg to Chambersburg on Thursday of this week.

Mrs. Chas. B. Stevens has been seriously ill the past few days.

Paul Knepper, proprietor of the McConnellsburg Dairy, received a shock from lightning while working in the plant during a storm on Tuesday.

Frank and Max Stenger of McConnellsburg are employed at Hagerstown, building a bungalow for Harold Stenger.

Mrs. Sadie Person of Burnt Cabins fell last Monday, badly injuring her right arm.

Vesta Waneta, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kerlin, was buried at the Union Cemetery on Monday afternoon.

Mrs. Wesley Mellott of Cito was badly scalded last week when a jar of newly canned beans she was tightening broke.

Born: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. James Clark of Swissvale. Mrs. Clark is the former Hazel Gallagher of Clear Ridge.

Mrs. Glen Miller of Clear Ridge, who was taken seriously ill on Saturday morning, remains unimproved.

Work was begun on Monday morning on a game reserve on King’s Knob.

A kitchen shower was held last Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Black of Waterfall in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Veryl Black, who were married recently.

80 Years Ago

From The Files Of August 7, 1930 ’30 Dan Deshong, son of Mr. and Mrs. Riley Deshong of near Sipes Mill, was guest of honor at a party on Saturday evening in honor of his

15th birthday. More than 150 guests were present.

Death: Mrs. Wilbert J. Walters of Shade Gap. Death: youngest child of George Brown of Maddensville.

W. Lawrence Paylor and Minnie Peck were wed July 24.

Forest fires are burning in many sections and because of the drought are causing much anxiety. Sideling Hill has one of the worst fires in history at present and there is a bad fire on the mountain between Burnt Cabins and Fannettsburg. McConnellsburg is enveloped in smoke, causing a feeling of uneasiness among the residents. While water for domestic use is plentiful enough so far, the town is absolutely at the mercy of fire so far as water protection is concerned.

Mrs. M.F. Boden of Northcraft fell last week, injuring her ankle so severely that she cannot walk.

Last Wednesday, as has been their custom for many years, Clinton Mathias of Burnt Cabins went out to the home of his father and took him to the former’s home to celebrate their birthdays together. Veteran William Mathias was 85, his son 53.

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