2010-07-22 / Correspondents' Notes


By Kate Berkstresser

Quite a few folks are vacationing and trying to deal with these warm temperatures.

Glad to hear Charlotte Crouse is doing real well. Hope she continues on to a full recovery.

Happy birthday wishes to Betty Malot on August 7.

Visitors in the home of Kate Berkstresser over the weekend were Beverly St. Clair and Kennedy, Harold Berkstresser and daughter Katherin and friend.

A large crowd attended the Fairivew United Methodist Church festival on Saturday evening.

Sorry to hear Grace Heefner isn’t feeling so well at this time. Get well wishes to her.

Knobsville United Methodist Church is holding Bible school each night this week.

The great-grandparents’ names was omitted from the birth announcement of Mike and Cortney Keebaugh’s daughter, Claira Eileen, a few weeks ago. The proud greatgrandparents are Warren Black and the late Vera Black and Audrey Cutchall and the late Carl Cutchall.

Danny DeShong visited with his parents, Marvin and Elner DeShong, on Sunday.

Quite a few folks attended the auction at Wells Tannery community building last Friday evening.

Household hint: Preserving wood handles. Preserve wood handles of garden tools by coating them with boiled linseed oil. If tools are left out, the sun and rain will gradually weather out the oil from the wood, but a coat each spring will protect the handles throughout the year.

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