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Boro Council Deals With Routine Agenda

Brief meeting held last Wednesday evening
By Jean E. Snyder STAFF WRITER

McConnellsburg Borough Council members held a brief meeting last Wednesday evening and in addition to a routine business agenda, council members reviewed correspondence from the Pennsylvania State University announcing that McConnellsburg has been chosen as one of two small communities in Pennsylvania that will be studied by the university’s social research department. The study will specifically focus on identifying gaps in how business entrepreneurs and community leaders perceive the others roles in local entrepreneurial opportunities. The study will also identify possible missed opportunities as they relate to the gaps.

Borough secretary Jack Fields announced that his application for reimbursement for snow removal over the past winter was approved at the state level and has been sent on to the federal Department of Homeland Security for final approval. If approved, the borough could receive up to $4,875 reimbursement for snowremoval costs.

Fields said he has also applied for a Community Facilities grant, which, if approved, would reimburse the borough up to 50-60 percent of the cost of a new cinder spreader, with the spreader’s cost to be $3,400.

Council members also announced they have received new floodplain maps from the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) and will now have to adopt a new or amended floodplain ordinance. Property owners are advised that the maps are open for public inspection for those who are considering flood insurance.

Councilman Pat Booth suggested that council in the future avoid approving requests from citizens during the time of the actual meeting. Booth said in recent months he has felt pressured into making decisions under pressure, and he feels council should have the opportunity for discussion rather than deciding “on the spur of the moment.” He also said that he feels some of the decisions should be referred to the borough’s solicitor for opinion prior to a decision being made. Council members agreed with Booth on the matter.

During routine business, council approved having the crosswalks painted, approved a payment of $398.24 for curb paint and discussed the cost of recent parking meter vandalism. Council also approved payment to the street sweeper in the amount of $1,675. Fields noted the price was the same as in 2009.

Regular business

Council approved payment of June bills in the amount of $75,679.08. Receipts were $91,128.17, which included a money market transfer of $50,000. Checks were written for $65,711.11, leaving a July 1 balance of $66,118.64.

Council members present included Travis Bard, David Washabaugh, Jim Smith, Pat Frazier, Pat Booth, Mack Shaffer and Mayor Mike Chilcote.

Council meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Fulton House. The next meeting is scheduled for August 4, 2010.

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