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Adopt Resolution On Filing Of Late Taxes

No new news in Clean and Green changes
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

In light of a recent incident, the Fulton County commissioners took action on Tuesday to avert any future episodes involving the late submission of taxes by township tax collectors.

Through Resolution #17 of 2010, commissioners Bonnie Mellott Keefer, David Hoover II and Craig Cutchall cite local tax collection law that allows the county to impose a late filing fee on local tax collectors. The late filing fee is $20 daily, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, for the first six days that a statement with reconciled reports is overdue. The late fee drops to $10 after the sixth day, and the maximum fee imposed can not exceed $250.

“If the County of Fulton determines that there is a reasonable cause for failure to timely file the statement with reconciled reports under this section, the County of Fulton may waive the late filing fees,” the resolution states.

“The County of Fulton shall receive an overdue statement with reconciled reports even if any late filing fee due has not been paid, but the statement of reconciled reports shall not be considered filed until all fees have been paid,” it concludes.

In other matters attended to by the commissioners on July 13, the group discussed last week’s announcement regarding the paying of rollback taxes in connection with the Clean and Green program. Commissioner Cutchall noted he had received several phone calls from constituents needing more information on the recent Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ruling. Commissioner Keefer added calls on the matter had also been logged through the county assessment office.

In meeting with solicitor Stanley Kerlin, Commissioner Hoover noted they had discussed the court ruling with the Board of Commissioners from neighboring Huntingdon County, who admitted to not having heard about the issue. Huntingdon County, it was pointed out, had been following the same practice as Fulton County in only enforcing the payment of rollback taxes on the violated acreage and not the entire property.

Kerlin and the commissioners discussed the need for a cancellation notice to be prepared for L. Robert Kimball and Associates, which has been acquired by CDI Corp. The commissioners said they were leery to sign a new contract on behalf of the 911/EMA Office with Mission Critical until the notice has been sent.

The commissioners have decided to sell a total of 12 pews previously utilized in the courtroom through a sealed bid process. Forms and information regarding the sale can be obtained through the office of business manager Tim Stanton. In conjunction, the commissioners authorized a purchase from Sauder Worship Seating for a total of 12 solid oak pews for an amount not to exceed $16,775.

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