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Cards Of Thanks


The family of John Eader Sr. would like to express their sincere thanks for all the prayers, flowers, food and all the cards.

A special thank-you to P&W Excavating and employees for the monetary gift. A special thanks to Dr. Milroth, Megan Barnett and Kayla Scholes for the special care that they gave John.

A special thanks to Mc- Connellsburg State Polcie for the funeral escort. Also a special thank you to Darren Smith at Sipes Funeral Home for his outstanding kindness during our difficult time.

Wife Phyllis The children and

their families


First I’d like to apoligize for not doing this sooner. I would like to thank everyone for the cards and flowers and thanks for the phone calls and visits while I was in the hospital/rehab. I want to thank Troy, John, Marty, Marty Jr. and Butch for setting up (thank BB for the donation). Thanks, brothers!

I want to send a speacal thanks out to Sami Sigel, my niece, for her phone calls of wisdom and encouragement. (Love you, hon.) Mostly I’d like to thank Travis, my brother, for saving my life. If not for him, I would have died! Love you, bro.

Watson L. Sigel F.T.W.


The family of H.P. “Skip” Kies would like to thank all for the care, love and support during his hospital stay and the gifts of time, flowers, food and cards for the loss of our husband, father, grandfather and friend.


I want to thank everyone for the cards, thoughts and prayers during my recent illness and my continued recovery. I greatly appreciate the kindness.

Tim McGarvey

and family


“Fiddle” and Winnie would like to thank the Hustontown ambulance crew and also the medics for a quick response to our call. Also to the emergency room and nurses at the Medical Center. Everyone was just great. Also thanks to our families for their help and to those boys who do the grass cutting and everyone who gave food, prayers and cards. Thanks also to everyone who helped Winnie while she was at Shook Rehab and since her return home.

Winnie and Fiddle


Are you are a parent or grandparent? If so, I hope you play the part instead of having the namesake only. Take the time to attend your child or grandchild’s baseball game or activity. These are memories you and your kids will remember and cherish. Take time to extend the invitation to a holiday or event. Don’t just assume your kids will know these things. Take the time to personalize them and let your kids/grandkids know you love them. Regardless of their age, three little words, “I love you,” will brighten their day more than you know. Too many times small things in life are taken for granted. You cannot turn back the hands of time but you can certainly make a difference today.

I would like to thank my parents, Roger and Joan Skvarka, for being there and the wonderful memories they have given to me and my family. Thank you for being wonderful grandparents to Brandon and creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

We love you,

Selena, Bobby

and Brandon Johnson


The family of Robert D. Strait wishes to thank everyone for their prayers, cards, flowers, food, contributions and visits. Special thanks to Dr. Robinson and the staff at John and Cora Grove Cancer Center.

Thank you to nurses of Hospice who helped to make Bob’s last days more comfortable. Thanks to Chaplain Terri. Your visits gave Bob comfort. We will be forever grateful for your compassion.

A special thanks to Rev. Delmas Bard. Your guidance and compassion shown to Bob and the family is deeply appreciated.

The family of Robert Strait

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