2010-07-15 / Correspondents' Notes


By Karen Grissinger

Birthday wishes to Heath Forslund, Dara Bennett, Frances Ramsey, Brayden Horne, Harlie Strait, Buzz Covert, Jean Brown, Morghan Kelley, Emily Ramsey, Alyssa Stevens, Logan Fritz, Pat Campbell, Alan Schmidt, George Locke and Gary Park.

Anniversary wishes to Gary and Donna Clark.

Get well wishes to Ruth Riley, Joe Calagouri, Shawn Young, Stanley Hall, Neva Fleming, Sharynn Book, Dick and Jessie Rhoades and Mary Mort.

The annual Hunter and Mabel Gobin Fraker reunion was well attended on Sunday at

on Sunday at the picnic area located on Walnut Lane near Fort Littleton.

Immanuel Bible Church and Walnut Grove Church both held Sunday services at Cowans Gap State Park. The weather was perfect for a picnic and swim if you were willing.

Immanuel Bible Church will be hosting Vacation Bible School from July 18 to July 22 from 6:15 to 8:15 p.m. each evening. Closing ceremony for VBS will be on Friday, July 23, at 6:15 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Dan, Robyn, Kolton and Alayna Gaff, and Terri Grissinger enjoyed camping at Cowans Gap last weekend.

A cookout was held reshey cently at the home of Bob Garlock and Pam Naugle in honor of the birthdays of Eden Naugle, Olivia Naugle and Pam Naugle. Attending the gathering were Rance, Libby and Callie Garlock, Whitney and Tessa Garlock, Steve, Carol and Solomon Snyder, and Thelma Shoop. With Bob at the grill and loads of side dishes, there was plenty to eat.

Visiting last week with Thelma Shoop were Joan Nelson of Spruce Creek, Naomi Madden and Billie Jo Garlock.

A festival is being planned at the Clear Ridge Community Building on July 22. Turkey dinners, homemade ice cream and pies will be available.

Harry and Lynn Logan of Texas, Brian, Emily and Micah Ramsey, and Chad Ramsey recently enjoyed dinner with Roger and Pat Ramsey.

Visiting recently with the Steve and Karen Grissinger family were Brent Carlson, Travis Madden, Ramon Martin, Bill Livezey, Donna Locke and Irene Park.

The Community Choir event recently held at the Orbisonia United Methodist Church was a wonderful experience. A special thank-you goes to all those who participated.

A Friday night pizza and “remember when” get-together was enjoyed by Tammy Cantrell Clay, Jayla, Jenny and Cole Cantrell, and Ruth Grissinger. Also visiting with the group were Aunt DD and Grandma Audrey Varner.

Ruth had a >surprise visit from Nora Grissinger, who joined her for Sunday Seekers and Sunday school at Orbisonia UMC on Sunday.

The “Angel Wings” girls were in force again, serving dinner >to the “The Trolley Car Theater” participants. Proceeds were donated to the Sharynn Book fund drive.

Orbisonia United Methodist Church will be hosting a yard and bake at Sandy Ridge Market on Customer Appreciation Day, Saturday 17. Snacks will be sold for the fireworks during the evening event. >All proceeds will be donated to the Sharynn Book fund drive.

Several rattlesnake sightings have been reported on Fort Littleton Road. The dry weather is bringing the snakes down for a visit, so please tread cautiously.

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