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July 3 results

D.J. Keefer 4-Cylinder Thunder Car winner D.J. Keefer 4-Cylinder Thunder Car winner 6-Cylinder Strictly Stock: first -Dustin Brown, Mercersburg; second - Terry Golden; third - Ryan Brown; fourth 4.Cory Wagner; fifth - Justin Williamson; sixth - Jeremy Mumma.

Lap leaders: Terry Golden (1-4), Dustin Brown (5-20). Heat: Williamson.

Mini Stock: first - Gary Dehart, McConnellsburg; second - Mark Grove; third; - Mike Buckley; fourth - Frankie Gordon; fifth - Kyle Martin; sixth - Jason Geesaman; seventh Chris Smith.

Lap leaders: Jason Geesaman (1-2), Mike Buckley (3-8), Gary Dehart (9-20). Heat: Grove.

4-Cylinder Strictly Stock: first - Andrew Benson; second - Lonnie Hobday; third - Tim Anderson; fourth - Ricky Rosenberry; fifth - Kurt Knepper; sixth - Rusty Garlock; seventh - Justin Rasp; eighth - Tony Thurber; ninth - Bobby Meek. Lap leaders: Tim Anderson (1-11), Andrew Benson (12-20). Heat: Benson.

Justin Rasp 4-Cylinder Thunder Car winner Justin Rasp 4-Cylinder Thunder Car winner Super Stock: first - Carl Miller, Ickesburg, Pa.; second - Adam Yetter; third - Adam Imes; fourth - Steve Harlan; fifth - Joe Daywalt; sixth - Mike Saylor. DNS: Gary Dehart. Lap leaders: Carl Miller (1-20). Heat: Miller

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: first - Justin Rasp, Mc- Connellsburg; second - Paul Gill; third - D.J. Keefer; fourth - Phil Benedict; fifth - Chris Smith; sixth - Josh Walstrum. DNS: Mike Fuller, Sam Rock Jr., Rodney Brown. Lap leaders: Chris Smith (1-4), Justin Rasp (5-20). Heat: Rasp

8-Cylinder Strictly Stock: first - Joey Burdge, Blairs Mills; second - Ray Duffy; third - Austin Johnston; fourth - Steve McCartney; fifth - Greg McMaster. Lap leaders: Joey Burdge (1-20). Heat: Burdge.

270cc Micro Sprint: first - Steven Cox, Finksburg, Md.; second - Jake McConnell; third - Ed Stein. DNS: Jerry Palm. Lap leaders: Steven Cox (1-20). Heat: Cox.

July 2 results

Mini Stock: first - Frank Gordon, Ft. Loudon; second - Gary Dehart; third - Mark Grove; fourth - Jeremy Ott; fifth - Gary Newell; sixth - Leroy Long; seventh - Dave Friedrich; eighth - Ryan Laye; ninth - Bryan Neff; 10th - Todd Hornbaker; 11th - Phil Boden; 12th - Troy Eckenrode; 13th - Austin Kirby. DNS: Matt Gordon and Scott Gordon. Lap leaders: Frank Gordon (1-20). Heats: Grove, Friedrich

Legend Car: first - Nate Fisher, McClure, Pa.; second - Scott Houdeshell; third Jeremy Sheaffer; fourth - Lucas Montgomery; fifth - Pat McDermott; sixth - Scott Gobrecht; seventh - Harlon Leppo; eighth - Bill Diehl; ninth - Rick Miller; 10th Andy Lupfer; 11th - Ed Trump; 12th - Ferris Fraine; 13th - Ed Wentz; 14th - Andy Whaling; 15th - Greg Burd; 16th - Mark Roberts. Lap leaders: Nate Fisher (1-20). Heats: Montgomery, Leppo. 270cc Micro Sprint: first Ryan McAndrew, Slickville, Pa.; second - Levi Peck; third - Steve Whary; fourth - Colby Dice; fifth - Jason Houtz; sixth - Adam Warner; seventh - Jay Horvath; eighth Jake McConnell; ninth - Mike Trumpower; 10th - Eric Forsythe; 11th - Jim Still; 12th - Aaron Lynch; 13th Bryan Hart. DNS: Tim Trumpower. Lap leaders: Levi Peck (1-12), Ryan McAndrew (13-20). Heats: Peck, McAndrew.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: first - D.J. Keefer, McConnellsburg; second - Justin Rasp; third - Bill Kennedy; fourth - Josh Walstrum; fifth - Denny Scofield; sixth - Tom Crum; seventh - John Rasp; eighth - Eric Grubb; ninth Keith Walls; 10th - James Truax; 11th - Mike Fuller; 12th Shaun Linn. Lap leaders: John Rasp (1), D.J. Keefer (2-20). Heats: Crum, Keefer

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