2010-07-08 / Local & State

Senate Approves Anti-Poaching Legislation

The Senate approved legislation last week that would improve hunter safety and impose stiffer penalties for poaching, according to Sen. Richard Alloway II (R-33).

The Senate passed House Bill 1859, legislation that would increase fines and penalties for poaching. Under the bill, violations would range from summary offenses to second-degree felonies depending on the type of violation and any prior offenses.

“Legal hunting, fishing and trapping seasons are determined each year to help manage the commonwealth’s wildlife and aquatic resources so future generations will enjoy the same opportunities that we have today,” said Alloway, who chairs the Senate Game and Fisheries Committee. “This bill will serve as a deterrent to those who ignore these rules.”

House Bill 1859 will now be sent to the governor for his signature.

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