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80 Years Ago From the Files Of July 17, 1930

’30 An old sofa, which a month ago the First

Lutheran Church of Carlisle tried vainly to give away, on Monday, brought $1,006 at a public sale. Two Lebanon dealers said the sofa was a Chippendale of the 1750 period. Forty years ago, a Carlisle woman donated the sofa to the church for use in the restroom. When it became worn, it was sent to the basement and the janitor used it as a couch. When it became too dilapidated even for the janitor, it was shoved into a corner and forgotten. Several weeks ago, a cleaning woman uncovered the sofa and the church offered it free to anyone who wanted it – but no takers. A week later, a church member first heard of the sofa and offered 50 cents. While the council was studying this offer, another offer of $2 was received, then $5 and so on until the council had a

high bid of $500. The church

then sought advice about the .. sofa – now kept under lock and key – and finally decided to put it up at public auction so all bidders would have a chance. The first bid received at the auction was $500 and the offers kept coming until the $1,006 figure was reached. The church officials haven’t decided what to do with the money, but they do know the church needs a new roof.

Miss Beatrice Mumma of Burnt Cabins was admitted to Chambersburg Hospital last week, suffering intensely from an abscess on her hip.

Boy No. 2 has come to the home of Ralph Edwards at Hiram.

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