2010-07-08 / Family

Swope Family Holds Annual Reunion

The descendants of Andrew and Iola Swope held their 52nd annual reunion on June 27, 2010, at Needmore Boy Scout Campgrounds. The descendants were glad to have the two living daughters and one daughter-in-law in attendance. Those attending were:

Edna McDaid, Misty and Dakota McDaid, David and Kim McDaid, Gene Kendall, Cloyd and Ruth Swope, Samantha, Michael and Ethan Sowers, Haley Summers, Rhonda Lynch, Faye Leese, Rodney Leese, Donald and Joan Snyder, Walter, Danielle and Kailey Swope, Della Mellott, Richard and Mary Jane Wilson, Bill and Arletta Swope, Willis Swope, Kevin Lynch, Heather, Amanda, Stephanie and Paige Swope, Bill and Kylor Morningstar, Jim, Charlene and Erin Post, Karl and Sue Swope, Gary, Kim, Ethan and Kylie Golden, Audrey and Faith Hamman, Barb Grissinger, Ralph and Peggy Swope, Steve Doyle, Diana, Leslie and Justin Wilson, Taylor Rohm, Charles and Tina Swope, Bud and Coleen Gunter, Rich and Kevin, Logan and Alyssa, Darwin, Cassie and Zachary Scott, Darin, Martha, Mallory and Jacob Swope, Joshua, Karla, Jonathan and Kadan Shadle, Matt, Brandy, Harlie, Matthew and Emma Sowpe, Jessie, Cindy Swope, Jessie and Bobby Jessie, Michelle and Brooks Rominis, Jacob, Jesse, Mike and Paula Swope, John and Dorothy Royal, Troy, Jennifer, Logan, Kylie and Haydin Gailand, Aidin Woodward, Paul and Janna Swope, Mildred Swope, Kim and Bonnie Miller, Michael, Jeanne, Kayla and Janey Snyder, Don and Helen Golden, Tom and Betty Mellott, David and Evelyn Clonch, Tara, Kim, Donovan, Quinton Russell and Pauline Lynch.

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