2010-07-08 / Family

Kendall Family Holds Reunion

The annual Kendall family reunion was held June 27, 2010. Attending were:

Carl Peck, Greg and Weslie Johnson, Kathy and Bill Kendall, Cindy and John Kendall, Owen and Charlene Martz, Audrea Berkstresser, Brooke Berkstresser Sheeder, Kevin, Angie, Rachel, Sarra, Emma, Nick and Luke Kendall, John, Leslie, Phillip and Mary Rotz, Michael and Ashley Martz and Gwenith, Trinity, Sean, Alina and Zoey Smith, Mark, Kim and Laura Richards, Bob and Nancy Richards, Steve and Tammy Kendall, Jason, Wendy, Vickie, James, Lilian and Lacey Kendall, Bob and Bonita Kendall, Betty Mills, Jeff Mills, Carl and Althea Kendall, Laura Glee, Carrie and Chase, Annette, Justin, Amaya and Brealyn Rasp, Vanessa McKee, Bill and Linda Zawacky, Grace Martz and Perri, Randy and Donna Bunch, Tiffany, Chad and Garrett, Allan and Rosemary, Allan, Trevor, Michelle and Ceciley Martz, Shaida Martz and Charles Tshudy, Joan Kendall, Wendy Everts, Tristan and Nate, Terra and Kimora Martz, Greg Miller, Tonya and Aaron Martz, Russ, Theresa and Renee Hawbaker, Bronwyn Mundorff, Michaela, Wyatt, Dakota and Colton.

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