2010-07-01 / Local & State

New Fingerling Trout Arrive In County


Every June the Pennyslvania Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC) delivers fingerling trout to the Fulton County Sportsmen League’s

FCSL) cooperative nursery.

On June 21, roughly 14,200 fingerling trout were placed in the nursery rearing bins at the head of Esther Run. These fish are fed and nurtured until April or May of the following year when they are stocked in the county’s approved trout waters. These trout will grow to about 12 to 13 inches during that time. Also, a good number of 1-year-old trout from the previous year are held over in a special bin to be stocked as trophy trout next year.

In addition to stocking these fish in nearby streams, in May, the FCSL sponsors a trout rodeo for children ages 12 at the nursery grounds in Esther Run. FCSL also provides other fishing opportunities thoughout the year for children and local middle school students as well as a special day for a group of our veterans.

In order to raise money for feeding these fish and maintenance of the nursery facility, two fundraiser raffles are held annually.

Any residents interested in touring the nursery facilities may do so during daylight hours. The nursery is located on Corner Road, just south of Big Cove Tannery.

Any resident interested in helping out or becoming a member of the FCSL is urged to attend the club’s monthly meeting held at the stone house at the nursery facility on the third Friday of each month (except during July and August) at 7:30 p.m. Additional information about FCSL can be obtained by calling 717-485-3978.

Nursery manager Harold Lynch adds, “Volunteers are needed to help brush clean the fish bin grates during the summer months to keep them clear of vegetation and to ensure good water flow through the bins when water conditions are low.”

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