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Commissioners Oversee Varied Schedule Tuesday

Adopts resolution on countywide stormwater management plan
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

The Fulton County commissioners kept a busy and varied schedule on Tuesday, meeting with several county employees and signing off on several agreements.

The commissioners heard concerns from county Treasurer Monica Seville regarding the “non-remittance” of taxes collected by Union Township tax collector Terra Strait. The group discussed the possibility of imposing a late fee, which the county does not currently levy.

Seville was informed the commissioners would set up a meeting to discuss the issue further with Strait.

The county treasurer also received an update on budget matters related to tax collection on behalf of Valley-Hi Borough. The commissioners noted the money that is annually allocated for the collection expenses is currently available to the treasurer’s office.

Business manager Tim Stanton announced he has negotiated a higher interest rate with F&M Trust for a money market account the county currently has with PLIGIT. The commissioners signed off on the account transfer that will send a portion of the county’s liquid assets to the new F&M Trust account.

Stanton also touched on the Central Services Cost Allocation Plan that has been completed by Maximus Inc. The cost of having the plan prepared is $4,000. However, the county, in turn, receives an estimated $60,000 in indirect cost reimbursement from various grant programs.

In giving an overview on the ongoing construction project, project developer Karen Hann and the commissioners discussed the repair of the western pillar on the courthouse that has begun to rapidly deteriorate in the last year.

In learning about an ongoing fuel leak from an underground tank adjacent to the courthouse, the commissioners signed a letter required by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) stating the tank was only ever utilized to contain fuel oil. In addition, the commissioners entered into an agreement with Clean Earth of Maryland Inc., which will be responsible for disposing of the contaminated soil.

Hann told the “News” she is still in the process of collecting information from all of the parties involved and therefore was unable to divulge disposal costs or the amount of soil that was removed from around the tank.

Tammi Ifert, Spence Perry and Suzanne Reed were appointed to serve as members on the Fulton County Library Board of Directors. Each of the three members will serve a three-year term of office that will expire on June 31, 2013.

A one-year agreement with Smith’s Detection in the amount of $3,179 was signed for service and parts related to the X-ray security machine.

The commissioners went on to renew a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Fulton Industrial Development Association (FIDA) for a 180-day time frame beginning Tuesday. Through the MOU the county has agreed to provide temporary support services to FIDA ranging from answering telephone calls and requests for information, preparing reports and grant applications and updating the Web site as necessary.

Mapping Director Mary K. Seville and Matthew Bonanno, a professional engineer with HRG Inc. were on hand for the signing of a resolution for the purpose of adopting the countywide Act 167 stormwater management plan. The pertinent paperwork will be mailed to DEP for final approval of the resolution. Seville noted once DEP gives a nod of approval, all municipalities will have a sixmonth time frame to adopt the stormwater management plan and ordinance as presented or with stricter guidelines.

Seville and Bonanno noted prior comments received verbally and in writing on the plan have been responded to. Those giving comment at the previous public meeting were Clem Malot, Derrick Winegardner and Joe Hagerty.

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